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Title: Flawless 12
Author: Surevesta
Fandom: Supernatural/Dark Angel
Word Count: 667
Characters: Dean|Alec, Max, Normal, Mentions: Sam, John
Spoilers: SPN (Preseries generalities), DA - early season 2 no specifics past first couple eps
Rating: PG, language warning
Summary: Dean hated working legally, he really did.
Disclaimer: Not mine, as per usual!
Beta: None.
Flawless!Verse Master Post


Sometime between 'Some Assembly Required' and 'Berrisford Agenda.'

If Dean had known coming back to Seattle meant he would end up with a lame minimum wage job, he would have stayed with his Dad. Now it couldn't be avoided, Winchesters always repaid their debts. Since Max wouldn't accept money earned in a less than legitimate manner, he was stuck peddling a two wheeled monstrosity.

The stupid bike didn't even have an engine.

To be honest the low paying job was partly just a reason to stick around. Next to him, Max was the most knowledgeable transgenic around. Plus she had a tendency to go around rescuing lost and lonely transgenics. Using her Dean could easily work with the newly freed soldiers. Between her guilt tripping him and 'kicking his ass' into helping out, everything was golden.

It also meant he wasn't in charge.

It isn't that Dean couldn't take charge, he was a great leader. In fact he had led quite a few missions back during his teen years. Manticore had begrudgingly accepted his skills, putting him into the leadership position due to his knowledge of the world and ability to make sure his subordinates were decently prepared for their mission outside. He just didn't like leading that much. As such Dean was prepared to let Max take charge until she screwed up. Dean wasn't about to force anyone into following his orders, god knows he'd had enough orders in his own life and he had spent the majority of his childhood in the 'real' world.

So, until a situation arose where he'd need to step in and take the reigns Dean was happy playing screw up and backing Max up when asked. Which incidentally meant that finding a job had been necessary.

Getting around Seattle without a sector pass? Sure it's easy... that didn't mean it wasn't a pain in the ass. Jam Pony was the easiest option he had and it worked out. Sure, Normal was a little obsessed with Deans... well... Dean actually didn't want to think about that.

He had a sector pass and a source of income. In addition to that he could work under the table, hustle some money... save enough to send some to Sam at Stanford. Maybe help make Sam's college experience a little easier by giving the kid some spending money.

A month ago Dean had taken off for a weekend, driving down to check on his little brother. Sam had seemed alright. He was staying in the dorms and obviously eating well, it looked like the kid had grown at least another inch since Dean last saw him.

More importantly, Sam looked content- happy even.

And that made Dean happy. As long as he knew Sam was safe and happy things would be alright. In another couple months it would be summer and Dean could blow this joint with his cash, find Dad and convince him to make up with Sam. Then they could spend a couple months hunting together till the fall semester started.

Sam could go back to Stanford and Dean could use his savings to get an apartment, maybe a small house, near the campus. He was looking forward to it.

Dean grinned slightly, adjusting the strap on the back of his gloves.

"Alec! Package!"

He glanced up in time to catch the brown paper covered box Max tossed at him, "Hey! 'm off work."

She rolled her eyes, mumbling something about Logan as she stalked off. If only he didn't feel like he owed her.

"Sonuvabitch," Dean hissed as he stared at the label. "Shit." Just his luck, all the way on the other side of town.

As he left the building he could hear Normal's 'bipbipbip' clear as a whistle and it grated on his nerves. Dean really did hate being legal. He really did.


Flawless 13 (Ramble Fic#21)

A.Note: Huh, that wasn't even my original thought for what I was writing...


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