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Title: Flawless
Author: [ profile] surevesta
Fandom: Supernatural, Dark Angel
Rating: PG13 or lower unless otherwise stated
Disclaimer: SPN and DA characters do not belong to me, the time line and how the verse fits the two shows together is my own creation. SPN and DA belong to their respective owners and studios, FOX, WB, CW, Erik Kripke, James Cameron... I'm just playing in their sandbox.
Summary: Dean Winchester is a Transgenic, X5-494 aka Alec. Unlike the other transgenics, Dean had a family that he spent most of his life with. He was the control for Manticore's experiments- a transgenic that spent most of his time in the outside world. They thought he would prove the necessity of Manticore's training program... No one could foresee the tragedy that would struck the Winchester household four years after his birth or what effect growing up as a Hunter would have...
A.Note: These are a series of (mostly) unedited one shots taking part in this verse. Some tie directly in to the fic before, others do not. They are listed in the order they were posted. I'm currently working on a longer fic in this verse for the [ profile] sncross_bigbang.

Flawless by Surevesta

Perfect Soldier, an introspection on how Dean|Alec's life was/would have been. Pre-second season DA, pre-series SPN.

Flawless 2
Dean|Alec thinking about his reasons and growing up post Freak Nation. The stars were his only permanent fixture.

Flawless 3
When duties collide what can Dean|Alec do?

Flawless 4
Dean|Alec has work to do, Mole comes to chat.

Flawless 5
Dean|Alec sacrifices a lot in his life. Sam's safety comes first.

Flawless 6
Dean|Alec isn't too interested in Transgenic females.

Flawless 7
Dean likes Max. Max hates Alec. Dean can't risk the truth.

Flawless 8
It’s Alec’s “Birthday”

Flawless 9
John tells Dean truths and Dean keeps his secrets.

Flawless 10
Dean|Alec doesn't have a unit, but he has a family

Flawless 11
Dean's opinions and morals don't matter when Manticore gives orders.

Flawless 12
Dean hated working legally, he really did.

Flawless 13
Dean was 15 the first time his hand shook.

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