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Title: Flawless 10
Author: Surevesta
Fandom: Supernatural, Dark Angel
Characters: Dean, Max, mentions of: John, Sam, and escaped group #2 (fixit, Ralph, Bullet, Bugler, etc)
Word Count: 564
Disclaimer: Not Mine (as usual) I'm just playing in the sandbox. Max and Alec's dialogue comes direct from the episode.
Spoilers: Through DA 2x02
Summary: Dean|Alec doesn't have a unit, but he has a family.


Just after Manticore's destruction (DA 2x02) and Before Sam left for College

Dean zipped up his jacket, it was leather and black. A poor substitute for the aged jacket his father had given him on his sixteenth birthday. It smelled new and clean, only a hint of gun powder and smoke.

"Figures you'd forget the one good thing Manticore ever taught us: Never abandon your unit."

Dean looked up at Max, a half laugh on the tip of his tongue. He thought about telling her what he really thought about that statement. The fact that Manticore didn't teach him that particular lesson. That Manticore wasn't truly the home he mentioned to her the night they fought in the upscale apartment belonging to her Journalist friend.

He thought about opening his mouth and telling her he never took a course on common verbal usage or that he never really had a unit.

No Dean, or Alec as she "named" him, had a family. He had a father, a little brother, and the memory of a mother. A mother who smelled of lavender and vanilla, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and the citrus scent of cleaning supplies.

That he had spent most of his life training, not in Manticore, but under the watchful eyes of his father. His training regime had been much different than the soldiers he came to lead during missions. It wasn't that he learned less, Dean just learned everything in a different way. In some ways the majority of his training could have been considered "softer," but in others it was worse. His life was a mission, Manticore just sent its soldiers on missions.

Dean let gaze travel over the group of misfit X6's and X8's.

He could help them, watch over them and teach them about the world. Outside of the 09ers he was knew the most about the outside world, after all. Perhaps he even knew more- having lived outside from the time he was born.

But, they weren't his unit and most certainly weren't his family.

His family was waiting for him in a small apartment in Colorado where his father's latest hunt was. With Manticore gone he could focus on his family again. No more trips to Manticore for training missions or going on assassinations. He was free in a way that didn't end with his death.

After Dean checked on Sam he'd come back, do his best to find and help some of the kids. Especially the ones who had no idea what was going on out here.

Anyway, Max seemed to have this situation under control. He wasn't needed here.

"Well thanks to you there is no more Manticore," Dean grinned at the female X5 in front of him. Her brown eyes darkened and slanted in anger. "You made this mess- not Me."

He slipped past her and made his way out of the barn. It wasn't long before he located a suitable vehicle. A classic in good condition, bright red and beautiful. It wasn't his Impala, which was stashed a few hours away in a hidden storage building his father set up, but it'd do.

'Side's he could get a pretty penny for it on the black market. Enough to support a stable home for his family between hunts for a few months. That or help Sam further his education like Dean knew he wanted.


Flawless 11(Ramble Fic #14)

A.Note: Yeah I've been rewatching Dark Angel since I canceled my cable. I figured since I'm stuck watching what I either burn or the DVD's I have and since I'm writing my [ profile] sncross_bigbang fic I might as well rewatch the whole series from the beginning. I just finished 2x02. I think the only episode I'm going to switch is the Halloween one. 'Cause ugh. Anyway, I when I saw Alec's look between those two lines of Dialogue I thought "what would my Dean|Alec think there?" and this came out. :)


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