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Title: Flawless 8
Author: Surevesta (Falcon-Rider)
Fandom: Supernatural/Dark Angel
Word Count: 471
Characters: Dean, Mole, Joshua, and lots of others; mentions of Sam
Summary: It's Alec's "birthday".
Disclaimer: Not mine, I'm just playing. Not making any profit what-so-ever either... I'm broke.


One year after Freak Nation, a little less then two after Sam left for college

Dean froze at the door to his small apartment. Something was off, very off. Muffled sounds were easily caught from the other side of the door by his X5 hearing.

He glanced down the hall and sidled up to the right side of the doorway. Carefully he reached over and pushed his key into the lock. It clicked easily and he twisted the knob and pushed it open with a strong hand.


Leaning around the side of the doorway Dean raised an eyebrow at the small group of people. Gem and her baby, Dalton, Joshua, O.C, Sketchy, and even Mole and Max were in the room. Max didn't look particularly enthused about the whole thing though.

A lump of a thing Dean assumed was a cake sat on a large dish Joshua held in front of him. A single large candle in the middle.

"You guys do remember I made this birthday up, right?"

"Boy everyone deserves a birthday, even you," O.C. swatted at his head as Dean entered the room. "We figured this whole celebration started on this day last year so we might as well make it an annual occurrence."

"Plus Joshua wanted to make cake," Sketchy grinned.

Dean glanced over at Joshua and let a large grin slide across his face, "It looks good, how about we all dig in. You guys get started- I'll be right back."

"Let's dig in," Joshua nodded as he set the cake on only table Dean had in his apartment.

"Where are you going?" Mole eyed him, his hand rested on Deans bicep as he walked by.

"Just need to put this stuff away and make a pit stop real quick- I'll be right back."

Mole nodded and dropped his hand before wandering over to the group on the other side of the room.

Dean's green eyes tracked him before he slipped through the door into his small bedroom. He dumped his bag onto the bed and pulled out his cell, glancing cautiously at the doorway as he flipped it open.

There was a reason why he had chosen this date on his original application at Jam Pony. He figured it was safer then using his real birthday and familiar enough he might not forget it. Apparently things were just so busy around here he had forgotten.

Hey Sammy, hope you had an awesome day. Ace those tests you ought to be havin soon. Go find a party and get drunk or sumthin. Dean.

Dean dropped his phone onto his bed after turning it off and made his way back out to where his friends are.

"Where's my cake?" Dean smiled widely as Dalton handed him a plate. "Oh, and next year- don't forget the pie."


Flawless 9

A.Note: Freak Nation technically aired on May 3 originally. I'm pretending it was May 2nd for my own purposes. That was also the day they celebrated Alec's birthday according to his records at Jam Pony. Which, by the way, A. I can't remember if they specified an actual date in that episode and B. O.C. Stole those records in a previous episode.

Might get another ramble later. I really do need to get some stuff done first though.


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