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Title: Flawless 7
Author: Surevesta (Falcon-Rider)
Fandom: Supernatural/Dark Angel
Word Count: 555
Characters: Dean, Max, Mentions: Sam, John
Summary: Dean likes Max. Max hates Alec. Dean can't risk the truth.
Disclaimer: I don't own it. *pout*


Dean liked Max. She was a nice woman and a great leader when she needed to be. Max was full of life and could banter with the best. Dean thought they could be great friends. There was only one problem: Max hated Alec.

He supposed it was at least partly his fault. He didn't warn her about the retro-virus, but then he was still under Manticore's thumb back then. There was no way that Dean was going to risk Manticore thinking he was AWOL. Dean hadn't wanted to risk Sam or his Dad's well being. His family was the one thing that Manticore really had over him.

When he had been told his mission objectives where Max was concerned Dean hadn't been to happy. Most of it was a no brainier... if she escaped he had to make sure she could make it back to her boy toy reporter. The one objective he hadn't been as happy about. Dean was in no way interested in starting a family- especially not one where Manticore would be involved. Since he pictured the majority of his adult life being in the service, Dean had resigned himself to one night stands.

Still, Max had been, and still was, a very beautiful woman- even for an X-5. The idea of being breeding partners with her hadn't been entirely unpleasant.

When she kicked him into the door he got the picture. Dean wasn't interested in raping her. He wasn't that much of a mindless soldier.

She should take that into consideration. Contrary to what Max thinks- Dean has years of training over her and X-5 males are stronger then the females by the same ratio as ordinary males are to ordinary females.

He just wasn't interested in rocking the boat or upsetting her. Dean certainly wasn't interested in becoming a full blown leader of the transgenics. Not only did he not want his face widely known (Ben's record was bad enough), Dean had other priorities that didn't involve Manticore Alumni.

Max seemed to think he was a screw up and a lazy ass. Dean didn't really care to argue with her. He understood her dislike- that it revolved around the virus. She was partly projecting her anger onto him. Dean let her and took the occasional punch when she needed to vent. He wished he didn't have a dislike for hitting girls.

Her not liking him was also why Dean had been avoiding her for a few days. Whenever he disappeared (went on a hunt) Max's moods took a dark turn.

It's not like he was skipping out on his duties- Dean made sure his work was done before he left. Well, he did skip out on the press conference... that harks back to not wanting his face known...

He didn't want people to know who he was or Sam to know what he was. Completely legitimate reasons, honest. Dean just couldn't explain them to Max.

Max who was also pissed off at him for not playing along in her scheme to make Logan think they were dating. Dean may not like roller boy, but he hated Max using him against the guy.

Sides it wasn't like the transgenic population couldn't tell they weren't together. Even X-5's sense of smell could tell that.

Too bad Dean couldn't hide from her forever.


Flawless 8(ramble fic #12)

A.Note: Sticking to gen for now, no pairings at this time. Hope you enjoyed it!


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