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Title: Flawless 5
Author: Surevesta (Falcon-Rider)
Fandom: Supernatural/Dark Angel
Characters: Dean|Alec, Dalton, Sam, John, mentions of: OMC
Word Count: 1,283
Summary: Dean|Alec sacrifices a lot in his life. Sam's safety comes first
Beta: Unbetaed


"Come on, come on, come on!" Dean groaned into the phone as it went to voice mail for the tenth time that day. He slammed it shut cutting it off before the voice mail message could start. He clenched his jaw and stared ahead of himself for a moment.

"Alec?" Dalton called from a short distance away. "Everything alright? Your supplier didn't bail- did they?"

Dean slipped the cell into his pocket and turned toward the teenager. The younger transgenic had been joining him on as many missions as he could talk his way through.

"There might be some trouble," Dean walked over and looked down at the kids bleached blond hair. "Think you can hold the fort here- stay out of sight?"

Dalton nodded adjusting his pack. His right hand produced a small hand gun. "How long should I wait?"

"Well," Dean glanced over as he removed a few items from small compartments on his motorcycle. The green bike had nothing on the Impala, but it had to do while he was Alec. "That depends on what's going on."

Dalton caught the small hand held radio Dean tossed to him and automatically adjusted it. "What channel?"

"There's only one repeater left up here... should be easy to find. Only use it if it's an emergency- code words and all that."

"I'm not stupid," Dalton rolled his eyes as static drifted into the clearing.

"Use the headset. I'll be radio silent unless I need back up," Dean twisted a wire under his shirt and slipped the radio into a larger pocket in his jacket. Adjusting the earpiece he grinned. "Anthony probably just let his cell die but I don't want to take that chance. They were thirty miles down the road last check in. I'll head down that way, you stick here. Keep to the treeline."

"What about the truck?" Dalton nodded at the beast of a automobile. "Think it'll be alright where it is?"

"Should be fine. It isn't likely that someone will just stumble up this road, they'd have to be looking for it," worn army boots settled on either side of the bike. "Even if someone does the truck is beat up enough most people will think it's already been scavenged to pieces. Trust me, it'll be fine."

Without another word Dean slipped a pair of sunglasses on and grinned at the teen before driving off.

Dean liked Dalton, he really did. The problem was that he reminded him all too much of Sam. It had been too long since Dean had seen let alone talked to his little brother. The last time had been right after he had rescued Max with the help of those kids.


Approximately One Year Ago

The Impala rumbled to a stop outside of a small apartment complex. The building was actually better then it looked from the outside, running water and electricity that didn't exist on a schedule. Dean ran his hands over the dash again before removing the keys and sliding out the door.

Three weeks since he had been home and this time things would be different. There wasn't going to be a next mission or a date to return to work. Sam would be happy, the kid had been getting grumpier each time Dean took off to do a "hunt". It didn't help that it wasn't easy to just get on a cell. He wasn't supposed to have one, at least in front of the other transgenics.

"Son of a bitch," Dean gripped his duffel bag tight as he noticed his fathers truck a ways down the road. Muffled voices reached his ears through the thin walls of the building, aided by his genetics.

His family was clearly fighting just inside the apartment. Dads voice impatient and upset, angry about something. Sam's voice was just as upset and... disappointed, hurt?

Dean dropped his bag and leaned his back against the wall next to the door. The room number was on the ground near his feet, cracked in half. His green eyes traced the curve of the six slowly, back and forth.

The argument was about him, hunting, Mom, Dad... everything. Dean wondered if he should just go inside and announce the news. Manticore was gone! Yippie, hooray! Three cheers... only it wasn't completely gone... there was a chance they would still come looking for him. Clean up the mess they made and all that. He had an up on them though, he was a legal existing citizen. He had a family too... one that tended to travel, a lot. Walking through the door and telling Sammy the truth wasn't really a viable option at this point. Only Dean's father knew about Manticore, he had been the one to make the deal with them. Dean didn't want Sam to look at him any different, didn't want to burden him with this secret.

He suddenly tensed as the argument changed. School? College? Dean turned his head to look at the door in shock. Sam told him everything, he never mentioned applying to school. That would be awesome. A home base could be a good thing for the family. Unless... Dean didn't want to worry about what would happen if the world found out about the transgenics.

There shouldn't be any worry about that though, he had all the paper work necessary and that cream Dad got from some woman in St Louis worked wonders for concealing his barcode. It would be a nice change from changing apartments every few months or living out of motels. A small smile drifted onto his lips. It could be a home again.

Then Dean froze as the door slammed open. Sam stormed out with everything he owned packed securely. In the next moment.

"If you walk out that door- don't even think about coming back!"

The door slammed behind him and Dean even jumped a little. Sam cursed and kicked a rock as he started across the parking lot.

"Sammy? Hey wait!" Dean grabbed his bag and moved to catch up to his little brother. Although obviously he wasn't quite 'little'.

"Dean?" Sam turned a shocked glare onto him. Dean nearly backed up a step as he came to a stop a few feet away.

"Hey, Dad didn't-"

"Yes. He did Dean," Sam's jaw clenched tight and Dean schooled his features. "I'm not going back there, Dad made that clear."

"You're leaving." It wasn't a question.

"I'm going to school. I got a full ride to Stanford! I just- I can't live like this for the rest of my life Dean. I don't want to," as Dean watched Sam speak he came to a realization. He nodded and reached into his pocket.

Quickly Dean snagged his brothers hand and shoved a roll of bills into it. "Take this, it'll help you get started. You can buy those books you need or a bike."

"Dean you know that you cou-" Sam stopped as he lifted his hand.

"You want out of this life Sam," Dean met his brother's eyes. Green verses hazel. "Take this, get a job and live the American dream. I know that's what you want. Just take it and go."

Sam wrapped his fingers around the cash and nodded. Dean shouldered his duffel and walked backwards towards the hotel.

"Watch out for yourself Sammy." He turned on his heal and headed to the room towards his father.

Dean couldn't risk Sam's safety if Manticore was looking for him. He needed to gather some information first. Then, when it was safe... Dean could meet up with Sam at Stanford. He could have that home base. No more Manticore, just him, Sammy, and Dad. A family.


Flawless 6(ramble fic #10)

A.Note: Technically written on Jan 3 *giggle*. Anyone reading my ramble ficcies (out of curiousity)? I really am having fun with this verse... it's a bit disjointed... but then that's kinda how it comes to me. Short fics in a greater universe... they do have a time line that I'm sticking too!

I think Ramble fics became SPN/DA xover fics.... >.


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