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Title: Flawless 4
Author: Surevesta (Falcon-Rider)
Fandom: Supernatural/Dark Angel
Word Count: 773
Characters: Dean|Alec X5-494, Mole, mentions: Max, Cece, Biggs, Sam
Summary: Dean|Alec has work to do, Mole comes to chat.
Beta: Unbetaed

A.Note: Both universes are AU... but I'm sticking to the general time line of Alec/Deans age and working them together through that. I didn't like how DA killed off transgenics the same episode they introduced them... so a different transgenic died then Biggs and Cece was just injured in Freak Nation. Rawr. Flawless ignores the DA books because I never read them :P


"Max is looking for you," A deep voice mentions behind him. The scent of rich tobacco and gunpowder fills Dean's nostrils as Mole leans over his shoulder. "again."

"I'm doing what she asked me to do," Dean rolled his eyes and made a gesture with his right hand. Schematics covered the table in front of him. White paper with blue lines marked with red ink from the pen in his hand.

Mole stepped away to Dean's right side. His yellow eyes scanned the paper. Dean stared for a moment at his friend before turning back to his job. "She's in a mood again. Got any idea on how to get the Tryptophan shipment past the walls?" Smoke billowed past the older soldiers lips.

"Food, Tryptophan, water..." Dean ran his left hand through his hair. Strands of dish water blond, nearly brown, ruffled. He needed a hair cut before he started to look like his little brother. "She's asking for a miracle."

"You got that truck full of supplies through a few weeks ago," Mole pointed out as he turned to lean with his back against the table. His shot gun thrown against his shoulder. Dean eyed it and sighed. He missed his sawed off, but there was no way he was going to bring his arsenal to Seattle. It would get requisitioned by Max without much question as to where it came from.

"That was luck. I just happened to get lucky with some contacts... and that was before X6-947 caused a ruckus on the way through town." In truth it hadn't just been about luck. He had contacts, other hunters that trusted him and his father to thank for that. Some hunters thought the transgenics were bad news, fair game. Most saw them for what they were. Genetic experiments that had nothing to do with the supernatural. Made in a lab in the good ole US of A. Dean's hands came to rest on the rough table top. The red pen in between his fingers tapped against the fake wood. "The police have doubled the patrols. They even started guarding the sewer entrances and exits."

Dean stared at the paper, his green eyes moved over it. "We could find a few nearby warehouses and hoof supplies in bit by bit. That may be more trouble then it's worth... it'd be better then nothing, at the very least."

"That's just getting the supplies into the city. Isn't the problem in finding the supplies?"

No. Not really. Dean sighed inwardly. The supplies themselves weren't the problem. He had enough contacts between former Manticore employees, hunters, and people he saved to get access to almost anything he could want. "I can get the supplies to Seattle. It's getting it inside that's the problem."

Mole snorted, an oddly horrid snuffle of a sound. "I have no fucking clue how you get all the shit we need, kid. How the hell do you have time to make all these contacts of yours?" He shook his head, thick maroon skin- almost scales- dull in the fluorescent lighting.

"I'm just awesome," Dean spread a grin across his features. He made a mental note to make a call to that man he and his Dad rescued from a poltergeist a few months ago, right before Terminal City became his port of call. "So, what was it that Max wanted now?"

"Something about housing..." Mole glanced toward the door. "Apparently you were supposed to go over the entrance of new arrivals and find rooms for them."

"Biggs was going to do that," Dean raised an eyebrow.

"She sent him and Cece to track down a couple of transgenics outside of Portland," Mole stared at him. "Said you could handle it since you took off for who knows where without telling anyone."

Dean groaned inwardly, "Payback then." He grimaced and circled a section of the schematics before him. "I better track her down... find out where the new arrivals are and see if there's an up to date list of available rooms."

Mole watched as Dean made his way to the door. Schematics were rolled up quickly with deft hands and a red pen shifted up to rest temporarily between white teeth and pale lips.

"Alec," Mole called out. Dean stopped in the doorway and turned to look at his friend. "She's going to ask where you go off to again."

Dean shrugged and grinned around the pen, his left hand removed it from his mouth. "Sometimes you just have to get away from everything. Take care of business for the family and all that."

Transgenic family or biological family... doesn't matter.


Flawless 5(ramble fic #6)

A.Note: I like Mole. I hope mine is Mole like enough. *grins*


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