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Title: Flawless 2
Author: Surevesta (Falcon-Rider)
Fandom: SPN/DA
Word Count: 1,243
Character: Dean|Alec X5-494
A.note: Alec/Dean is 22 at this point in time, soon to be 23. Sam would be 18 and at Stanford for a year almost. I'm not stating on dates but the assumption is that Max is almost 20 (not all the kids were the same age... their was a several year deviation due to births). I kinda like this verse *giggle*
Beta: Unbetaed


The night sky was never something to be frightened of. It allowed for shadows and safety. It was the perfect time for missions and duties to take place. The stars were comfort and solace, the only permanent fixture in Dean's life.

His green eyes glittered in the dark, the few working lights in terminal city reflecting easily. The highest building in the blockaded zone claimed by the transgenics was relatively empty. Most of the floors had yet to be cleaned out. Labs filled with a variety of substances most of which would have no effect on the "genetically empowered" population. Unfortunately, there was no guarantee that Manticore had covered every single strain of virus that existed.

Dean ran his fingers over his eyes and sighed. Things used to be relatively simple. Family. Job. Hunting. Assassinations. If you could call that simple anyway. Since he was five Dean had been spending every Summer vacation and periodic weeks during the year in training at the various installations Manticore owned. Summer Camps and special hunting trips with various acquaintances of Dad's or even a weekend with a friend were great excuses. That left Sam in the hands of his father or another friend.

Dean never liked leaving Sam alone. It was his job to look after his brother. Everything Dean was away from Sam his brother pulled farther and farther away. Once Sam hit high school things with his family began to fall apart. At the age of eighteen Dean began his twenty year "career" as an agent of Manticore. His payout? Freedom to come and go as well as the ability to spend time with his family. In addition to that he got a guarantee of retirement at the age of thirty eight and the freedom to live to old age- assuming he survived Manticore's missions and drug regiments.

In the end his absences had led to Sam assuming that Dean was obsessed with the Hunt. This led to his younger brother ultimately withdrawing from him and an explosive argument with their father.

In between shouting and expletives Dean's reason for living his life had shattered. Sam had left, grabbed his packed duffel bags and torn out of the dingy apartment they had rented. Off to a shiny new life at Stanford.

His kid brother was a true geek. Even with all of the moving around and lack of clear record keeping due to the pulse Sam had managed to work his way into the system. He had garnered enough academic attention to receive a full ride to one of the most prestigious colleges left on the West coast. Dean couldn't help but feel proud of Sam's achievements. However, he had devoted his life to protecting his brother from the world.

Even after living with him for his entire life Sam had no idea that Dean was genetically enhanced. That he wasn't even fully human. Dean let his eyes drift closed and he leaned back dropping down flat onto the cold concrete of the roof. His brother just assumed that Dean had an unhealthy obsession with training. In truth he kept it up because Mantiore required it and Dad saw it through.

It was part of the deal that John and Mary had made to be able to have him. John had worked there, at Manticore. Mary and him had wanted to have a child. After years of unsuccessful attempts they had been offered a deal. They were given the opportunity to give birth to a genetic experiment using a combination of their DNA along with a cocktail addition of their own. Their son or daughter would become the control. Raised outside of the cold walls and barred rooms of Manticore and still receive training.

He wasn't supposed to be as good as he was. He was supposed to have been a 'failure'. So it was just as well that Mary had conceived triplets. Twins they had told her. An accident that was common place in in vitro fertilization. They had made several copies of his DNA- clones. The only difference was the bar code and their rate of growth. He had been the smallest of the three. Mary had been told one of the two twins had been born brain dead, she never knew about the third.

X5-493 and X5-495 had both been assigned places among units. He had been the smallest of the three, receiving the least amount of nutrition from his mother. Upon birth he had been the weakest, his lungs had yet to fully develop and he spent a week or more in an incubator. John and Mary had been thankful that he survived.

Three years later Sammy was born, a regular baby conceived naturally. Six months later the life that had been planned for him had ended. What would have been a comfortable life to prove manticore's version of training super soldiers correct turned into a life that made him the best.

The kind of field training that his fellow transgenics received growing up was nothing close to what he received. He learned street smarts in addition to the regulation training regime he went to on his 'vacations' at Manticore. He learned how to hunt and how to blend in and gather information. His life was devoted to his family and his father's vengeance. Mantore training had nothing on his daily life.

A siren sounded in the distance, outside of Terminal city. Dean's eyes opened into slits- green pupils traced paths in the stars.

The night was his friend. It didn't matter whether he was Dean Winchester on a hunt with his father or Alec X5-494, the runt yet perfect soldier of Manticore. Perfect record in both world- except for two mistakes. Rachel and Sammy. His two weaknesses. His first love and his duty, his brother.

Rachel was gone now and Sam was better off safe at College. He was the only one of the Winchester brothers left to aide his father in the fight.

Sam was gone. His other two brothers were dead. 493, Ben, had been killed by Max rather then return to Manticore. He had been driven insane by a lack of reason and a purpose that was just plain psychotic. Dean's other identical sibling hadn't made it out of his first trip to Psy-Ops. The unit that contained the twins to the 09ers hadn't been as free as Max and her siblings. They hadn't had names or relationships with each other. None of them even realized that he should have been 495 not 494 when he was placed with them from time to time after their reprogramming.

Not that he could blame them. They had been fucked up and then put into isolation cells. None of the X5's had remained in bunk rooms after the escape.

Dean sighed as he noticed the sky had begun to gray, stars washed out gradually by the rising sun. Sam would graduate in three more years. Till then it was likely he wouldn't even try to contact him. His brother had taken off just before his mission with Max went haywire. He hadn't tried to contact Dean since.

A beep drew his attention to the cell phone in his pocket. Time to get to work, put his game face on and forget about family.

He was Alec, X5-494, fucked up perfect ex-Manticore soldier. Flawless by design but knee deep in mental issues. Dean Winchester could wait, Alec was needed now.


Flawless 3 (ramble fic #4)

A.Note: Kinda ended it quicker then I wanted... but I was getting long winded on this and going over more background then I originally intended. I'm just fleshing out and typing what comes to my mind though. Stream of consciousness writing? Kinda?


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