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Title: Flawless
Author: Surevesta
Fandom: Supernatural/Dark Angel
Word Count: 454
Characters: Dean, Sam, John
Spoilers: Basic spoilers for both shows, Pre-series for both.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters but it's my AU 'verse.
Summary: Dean was 15 the first time his hand shook.
Beta: None

Flawless by Surevesta
Flawless!Verse Master Post


Dean was fifteen the first time it happened. It wasn't a surprise, he'd heard the stories and even seen it happen to some of the other transgenics. But he'd never been the one it happened to.

It was odd how something so simple as habitually drinking a glass of milk with practically every meal could end up keeping the tremors at bay. Dean liked milk and when he was a kid that was something his father had forced on him everyday. It was the only thing he had eaten a few times when his Dad went on a long hunt and they ran out of food. Mostly because Sam didn't like it as much as Dean.

Things had changed, though, and Dean had developed an unhealthy affection for coffee. Black coffee that is, no sugar or cream. Apparently the mix of caffeine and not drinking milk was enough to set them off. The seizures.

It started simply, a slight quake in his hand. He'd stared at it for a full ten minutes in the bathroom one day, Sam banging on the door telling him to hurry up. Dean hadn't known what to do. Sure, Manticore had stopped removing the children from the units (he'd heard whispered horror stories) and given them pills and shots, but he didn't want to draw more attention to himself then he had.

He as one of only a few of the X5's that hadn't developed the shakes. That put him at a higher level of efficiency then the others. The came and went after that for a while. Dean wasn't entirely sure what was there cause, but it was entirely too frustrating. He did his best to hide it from his brother and Dad. Telling Sam would lead to questions that Dean didn't really want to think about.

A month after the first shake happened Dean had a full blown seizure. It happened during the middle of a hunt, a hunt that should have been easy but Dean damn near got himself and his Dad killed.

John called Manticore for him, there was nothing else he could do.

Dean spent two months with Manticore being prodded, poked, and tested. Injections stabbed through his veins and pills were pushed down his throat.

In the end he was given a prescription and sent home. Sam had been told he was recuperating from a broken leg at a hunting friend's place.

Dean let him believe it and bought a large bottle of vitamins. He flushed them down the toilet and filled the empty container with his pills. Dean also made sure to put milk in his coffee whenever he could, whenever Sam wasn't looking.

It was just one more secret to keep.



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