Jun. 8th, 2009

Fic update

Jun. 8th, 2009 10:24 pm
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Dissonance Part 9 - One short scene left to finish. Going to do it in the morning due to a headache from driving now. Will send to Beta and will be posted a day or two probably. Immediately going to work on what needs to be fixed for Part 10... but that's mostly done. OMG.

Ramble Fic - I have one I should have posted on the fifth. As soon as Part 9 is sent to beta I'll do that one and post it. I started and stopped two times. The topic may end up with multiple responses. heh.

Flawless: Truths - Either this or a Dissonance Time Stamp will be worked on following conclusion of Dissonance.

Dissonance Time Stamps - I have six or more planned time stamps that have the potential to each be as long as an average part of Dissonance.

A Sketch in Time - I have one current roughed out time stamp for this. Finishing and sending to the beta will depend on inspiration to finish the last part of it. It isn't long but I kinda got stuck since my mind is in 'Dissonance' characterizations rather than this fic's.

Ok now I'm headed to bed, hopefully headache will be gone and I'll get my fic sent to beta before my interview.


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