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Ok it has been a while since I did a non-flocked post. Update on fic progress:

1. Big Bang: I am past 20k. Unfortunately, it is due tonight and I'm only half way through the fic. I'm going to try and finish it this weekend and, if I do, see about getting the first part posted next week. Unless I magically get through practically 20k in the next twelve hours or less, it'll just be posted regularly.

2. J2_everafter: Didn't finish, didn't even get past 100 words. I actually do have a plot outline, I just couldn't get the story out. Who knows, I may write this eventually. Just the due date was yesterday. Whoops.

3. SN_prompts: I forgot to post it. I had a drabble for it. Instead I'll post it whenever my BB is done and just credit SN_prompts for the prompt. 'Cause I totally spaced on it being due.

4. SNcross: As soon as BB is done I'll go back and finish this case fic DA/SPN cross, Flawless: Truths. I like what I have and the only part I was having trouble with was sorting out the actual case part.

5. I really liked [ profile] imogen_lily's third plot bunny here. Hmm.

6. I have a prompt I still need to fill for a T:SCC ramble fic. That will be filled.

7. I have a prompt that is filled, turned into a short piece, for "A sketch in time". When BB fic is done I'll have it Beta-ed and posted.
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