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Title: Flawless
Author: Surevesta (Falcon-Rider)
Fandom: Supernatural/Dark Angel
Word Count: 230
Character: Dean|Alec X5-494
Summary: Perfect Soldier, an introspection on how Dean|Alec's life was/would have been. Pre-second season DA, pre-series SPN
Beta: None, unbetaed


Life was easy, simple, full of orders and obligations. He had a freedom that most like him never could have dreamed of. A name, a car, a family, a life outside of the gray walls and barred windows.

Twenty years of service complete with downtime and the ability to come and go. Missions were simple and easy- not that much different from the way that he was raised. Days filled with training. Guns, Laps, Martial arts, mental exercises blended together like pieces to a puzzle. Ever portion of training, field job, and behavioral lesson added up to the makings of a perfect warrior.

He was perfect. Physically fit and handsomely built in a way that would allow him to fit into any cultural situation. Technical knowledge trained to a 'T' added to life lessons and street smarts. It didn't matter that 3/4ths of the year he was with his family growing up. Every bit of information was soaked up so quickly it was as if he was always there.

The perfect soldier, for his father and for his superiors. He didn't question his missions. Not once, not out loud. Protect your brother. Kill the Monster. Assassinate that man.

Impersonation, fraud, attention to detail were all his specialties. There was no other model that was as diverse and capable.

The job gave him purpose and his family gave him a reason.


Flawless 2 (ramble fic #3)

A.Note: I might write more on this... maybe a mini-ramble fic verse when I feel like it. I have more to say on how Dean|Alec's life was and where it's going- how things intersect when SPN begins.
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