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Hey everybody. Here's an Easter present for you!

I'ma do some Ramble fics this next week. If anyone has any short prompts they'd like me to do a ramble (drabble) to post a comment here. I'll do a flawless!verse to it ONLY if it fits into the big scheme and if it isn't already part of my former sncross fic. A sketch in time prompts are fine too.

I'll do at least up to ten. More than that will be a maybe. I'll do at least one a day till they're done. They'll be individual posts... I'll link to them in the comment.

The prompt I have given myself:
-Ruby, Salty French Fries (I swear this idea has been in my head since that Q was asked @ LAcon)

Most of my ramble fics go between 200 and 1k words. Crossovers work. Any show you know me to be familiar with works as does RPS. Any character and pairing BUT if it involves Ruby do NOT make it involve Sam/Ruby. I just don't like that.

Prompt me with the show and/or characters, and a few words or a phrase.

I'll take prompts till Monday at Midnight. I'll start posting replies anytime. I'll give myself a week to complete them. If I absolutely can't do your prompt I'll ask for a new one.

Prompt meh!

(PS. if it involves the finale of T:SCC wait till Monday to post- I'm watching that tomorrow night!)
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Title: Never Simple
Author: Surevesta AKA Falcon-Rider
Pairing: John/Cameron hint
Rating: T
Crossover: T:SCC/KR(2008)
Summary: The Mission just got a whole lot more complicated.
Disclaimer: None of the characters in this story belong to me but belong to their respective Corporations and affiliates. This is for Entertainment purposes only.

Click to Read the story )


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