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(Up to Part 10)

Jensen Ackles, SPN: Violist, Senior
Jared Padalecki, SPN: Quarterback, Senior
Danneel Harris, OTH: Violinist, Senior
Michael “Mike” Rosenbaum, SV: Cellist, Senior
Chris Kane, Angel/Leverage: Bassist, Senior
Chad Michael Murry, OTH: Football player, Senior, Jared's male best friend
Hayden Panettiere, Heroes: Middle school student, Jensen's foster sister
Rainbow “Rain” Francks, SGA: Jensen's foster brother
Adair Tishler, Heroes/TIH: Jensen's foster sister
Sophia Bush, OTH: Jensen's Boss at Coffee Haven
Allison “Allie” Mack, SV: Second chair viola, Jensen's stand partner
Samantha Ferris, SPN: Choir teacher
Samantha Smith, SPN: Orchestra teacher
Jeffery Dean Morgan, SPN: Band teacher, Music Theory teacher
Eric Kripke, SPN creator: AP English teacher
Kristen Kruek, SV: Cheerleader, Senior
Tom Welling, SV: Football player, Senior
Sophia Bush, OTH: Cheerleader, Senior, Jared's female best friend
Kristin Bell, VM: Cheerleader
Mackenzie Ackles: Jensen's little sister, he hasn't seen her since he was eight
Joshua Ackles: Jensen's older brother, he hasn't seen him since two years into the foster system
Alexis Bledel, Gilmore Girls: Student, attends Chad's parties.
Jaime White: Tom Welling's girlfriend, student
Aaron Ashmore, SV: Senior, in Jensen's Calculus class
Shawn Ashmore, X-Men: Football player, Senior
Chace Crawford, GG: Student, attends Chad's parties
Leighton Meester, GG: Student, attends Chad's parties
Lauren Cohen, SPN: Teaches History
Megan Padalecki: Eighth Grader, Jared's little sister
Jeffery Padalecki: Sophomore in College, Jared's older brother
Traci Dinwiddie, SPN: Cook at the Ice Burg, Senior, in Jensen's Calculus class
Misha Collins, SPN: Works at the Theater, theater student, Student
Nikki Aycox, SPN/DA: Art Student
Erica Durance, SV: Senior, sits next to Jared during AP English
John Glover, SV: Chemistry teacher
Taylor Momsen, GG: Student in Jared's Spanish class and Jensen's Physics class
Barry Corbin, OTH: Psychology and Journalism teacher
Kenzie Dalton: Chad's Girlfriend, Senior, Cheerleader
Sarah Michelle Gellar, BtVS: Cheerleader, Chamber Singer
David Boreanez, BtVS/Angel: Football Player
James Marsters, BtVS/Angel: Chamber Singer
Clea DuVall, TIH: Band student, plays the flute, Danneel's friend
Elisabeth Harnois, TIH: Band student, plays the piccolo, Danneel's friend
Steve Carlson: Graduated last year, Bassist, attends a State University, Chris' best friend
Jason Mann: Graduated last year, former Orchestra member
Jessica Alba, DA: Student, Dancer, was in biology with Jensen last year
Michael Weatherly, DA/NCIS: Student
Sharon and Gerry Padalecki: Jared's parents, father owns a Vineyard
Alan and Donna Ackles: Jensen's Parents, Deceased
Justin Hartley, SV: College student, works at Coffee Haven
Amy Acker, Angel/DH/SPN: College student, works at Coffee Haven (new hire)
Ben Browder, Farscape/Sg1: Senior, in their English class
Michael Shanks, Sg1: Senior, in their English class
Emma Caulfield, BtVS: Freshman, choir student and ticket seller
Genevieve Cortese, SPN: Sophomore, Dance Team
Katie Cassidy, SPN: Senior, Danneel's friend
Lance Bass, N Sync: Dance Team Coach
Alyson Hannigan, BtVS: Student
Seth Green, BtVS: Student
David Duchovny, X-Files: Muriel's boyfriend (widower of Gillian Anderson, although she isn't named)
Colin Ford, SPN: David's six year old son
Robert Singer, SPN executive producer: Instrument repairman
Sera Gamble, SPN writer/producer: Bus driver
Hayley Norman, Fired up!: Student, friend of Danneel's
Charisma Carpenter, BtVS/Angel: Senior, in their English class
Sam Jones, SV: Junior, violinist, Allie's trio
Cassidy Freeman, SV: Sophomore, violinist, Allie's trio


Jensen's Aunt and Cousins: Didn't Name them and they are not based off of anyone specifically
Miss Hawkins: If she was based off a real person I forgot who
Margaret and Denis Orchard, Muriel: Last name is random (I had a friend with the name in ES(. Randomly looked up famous Margaret's and found one with a husband named Denis. Muriel was named on the site as well, I think she was the persons sister... Muriel is Margaret's and Denis' adult daughter in this fic.

If I missed anyone I will be going through once I finish the fic and double checking. I mention a lot of random names from time to time. Any characters from Time Stamps will be added in a separate paragraph.


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