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Title: Flawless 6
Author: Sureveseta (Falcon-Rider)
Fandom: Supernatural, Dark Angel
Word Count: 576
Characters: Dean|Alec, Dalton, OFC Trace
Summary: Dean|Alec isn't too interested in Transgenic females.


Pooled rainwater splattered across a graffiti covered warehouse door. Dean slowed his motorcycle to a stop next to it and knocked three times in rapid succession, paused, and knocked twice. Behind him a large truck lumbered to a stop at an angle.

Dean glanced up and nodded to the driver, the young X6 Dalton. As the metal garage door scrolled up Dean started his bike and drove in out of the rain.

He had been lucky, his contact had been in an accident on the way to meet them. Nothing supernatural or breeder cult related. Dean grinned at the X5 in charge of the warehouse that was one of the few ways the transgenics had to get supplies into Terminal City. A beautiful female X5 grinned at him, watching as Dean pulled his bike to a stop and got off.

Dalton drove the truck in and stopped in the center of the building. A dozen human looking transgenics began the process of unloading and transporting the supplies.

"Alec, you're a bit late."

"Ran into some problems Trace," Dean grinned wickedly at her. "Supplier got himself ran into by some tipsy natives."

"Here I was hoping you'd get here early," She surveyed him openly from head to toe. Dean grinned back. "We'll have to catch up another time, I suppose."

Dean grimaced inwardly, he really wasn't interested in getting together with another X5 at this time. There was too much involved in that sort of relationship. Better to keep sex uncomplicated, with ordinaries. Outwardly he smiled flirtatiously and pocketed his keys.

"I better help get the supplies to the city anyway, plus Max wanted to see me when I got back."

Trace practically purred at him as she snatched at his arm. "We could meet later..."

"Sorry love," Dean gently removed her hand and patted her shoulder. "Not tonight. Too much to do and all that."

Dean sped over to the truck and away from the female X5 who was likely very close to going into heat. Sex with transgenics, especially those in heat, was becoming an issue in Terminal City. The thing with using animal DNA to make super soldiers is that you get some interesting out comes- biologically and instinctually. One of those being mating.

A lot of the females saw Dean as a Alpha and thus highly desirable for a mate. He was quite high up in the command structure of terminal city, the highest male X5 as it was. Not that he really wanted the responsibility, Dean felt it was his duty to help the transgenics get situated in the real world. He owed it to them as Dean had lived the life they had missed out on.

Dean just wasn't interested in finding a mate among the transgenics. He didn't want to start a long term relationship, not when he wasn't planning on staying here forever. There were still hunts to go on and people to save.

He still had his Dad out there and the other hunters. Sam was still his little brother, even if he was off studying at Stanford. Dean had a family that needed him, a duty outside of the transgenic post-Manticore society.

Sticking to hook ups while on hunting trips was good enough for him. Didn't mean he couldn't flirt between trips.

Sides he just didn't feel like mating with anyone, which might be due to the fact Dean hadn't grown up in the isolation of Manticore.


Flawless 7(ramble fic #11)

A.note: This didn't come out as smoothly as usual... mostly because I ended up taking a 20 minute break to help my roommie out in the kitchen. It completely took me off track. There was supposed to be a flash back scene in the middle there... but when I got back I just couldn't get the words out. Yeah my verse has the mating thing. I'll explain it better later. Just trying to get across that Dean doesn't want to hook up with transgenic girls. He has no qualms about hooking up with ordinaries though.

To be honest I'll have no idea if I'll throw a pairing in here. If I do it won't be till the long fic I'm writing for the [ profile] sncross_bigbang
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