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Entry formerly titled: A Short Story that wouldn't go away.
A.Note: I'll crosspost and etc tomorrow.


Memories can Lie 1/?
By Falcon-Rider

“Did you kill her?”

“Apparently not.”

Did I? The memory, the data file isn’t clear. Is this what humans call second guessing oneself?

Did Alison Young, resistance fighter, die that day in the cell? Did she live on? Did I leave her alive?

I can’t tell John about this, any of it. He asks why I had asked to be called Alison. I tell him in was a name that had been inserted into my databanks from before. A fragment of memory awakened by the explosion.

It is in one way. It isn’t my name though, I don’t think it is anyway.

My model is different then the others. Smaller, built precisely for one purpose: to infiltrate John Connor’s camp. I was never meant for prolonged warfare and I am the only one that exists of my kind.


The 715th individual soldier built by Skynet of the TOK line. The best model yet, and the most likely to be successful at my mission.

Interrogate, Learn, Imitate, Deceive.

I was built in the image of her, Alison. A young, brave, determined soldier. One of the few women among the resistance whose name is known to Skynet- at least in part. Her first name was easy to get from those we captured. It was her last name that had evaded Skynet.

It wasn’t till she stood in front of me, when I was still in my endoskeleton form. No skin stretched over my coltan skeleton- even that was void of anything other then the barest of detail.

I required a lower level model to stand beside me as guard. That was how she managed to escape, an error in a calculation had made me send the “grunt” to expedite the resolution of a conflict amongst the other prisoners.

She was brave. She was strong. For such a fragile creature… I watched her move through the old ship. Stumbling, picking herself up again, ever moving forward. She relied on hope and determination.

No wonder Connor picked her.

I could see what he had seen, I understood what he did.

As she stared at me, lied to my face, I understood.

My hand clenched and I saw the raw power in her eyes. Skynet had only encountered one other that could truly match that determination.

I saw that look and I understood. My hand clenched and then dropped. She slumped, her body hitting the hard surface of the table with a thud.

I removed the bracelet from her wrist and turned away.

Yes, I understood. I had to meet this man that could instill such loyalty and… emotion from his followers.

I reached the door and paused. My body turned of its own accord and I titled my head toward her. The bracelet set on my own wrist. It’s metal glistened in the lamps in the hall.

I am a liar. I do not feel emotions the way a human does.

I glance out the car window, a finger runs over the stone on my necklace.

I remember her though, the brave resistance fighter who could barely write her own name. She grew up in a desolate world, hunted for being what she was.

My kind is hunted too. I hunt them.

I remember now, the first time I met him. I saw his soldiers greet him, cheer for small victories.

I remember how he figured out what I was.

Metal glistening in the light that shown on me as I entered the resistance’s hideout.

I remembered the sad eyes as he hung his head and greeted me.

He called me Cameron. I called him John

Alison taught me more then she knew, gave me more then Skynet ever could.

John is talking on his cell phone, Derek called to ask where we’ve been.

I turn my head to watch him as he talks, the movements the muscles in his face make, the way he rolls his eyes slightly at some comment.

The red blinking on my faded HUD starts up again.

I turn my head away and manually override the command.

Alison gave me more then she could ever have imagined.

So I’ll keep him safe, for her.

Her birthday is July 22nd.

Perhaps I’ll give John a mountain bike.

Part 2
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