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Title: Flawless 3
Author: Surevesta (falcon-rider)
Fandom: Supernatural/Dark Angel
Characters: Dean|Alec X5-494, Joshua, mentions of Max, John, and Sam
Word Count: 960
Summary: When duties collide what can Dean|Alec do?


"Hey Joshua!" quick feet propelled him gracefully down the corridor toward the canine transgenic. A smile tilted Dean's lips. He promptly avoided running into a man bred for desert combat with a quick twist. Ahead of him in the corridor, Joshua turned toward him.

A grin spread across Joshua's features. Sharp teeth brilliant in the artificial lighting. "Alec! Little fella looking for medium fella. Important meeting. Little Fella upset that you missed it."

Dean planted his feet firmly as he came to a stop next to the much larger man. He had been amazed when Sam had sprouted up to his impressive height (6'4" the last time Dean had checked in on him at school), Joshua was even taller then that.

"Yeah, I had some stuff to take care of. Very important stuff," Dean shifted his green eyes to the side. He really didn't want to run into Max like this.

"Important stuff involve oil and..." Joshua sniffed the air leaning down towards Dean's shoulder. Dean knit his eyebrows and drew his shoulders back a bit. A frown crossed Joshua's features. "Gasoline and salt?"

"Very important," Dean's features pulled into a tight smile before relaxing and he reached out to pat Joshua's arm. "I had a lead on a new supplier. It was a last minute thing- had to act quick or I'd miss it. Managed to scrounge up some good stuff, fruits and vegetables and all that. Gotta have some square meals. Thought we could use some home cooked meals- Martha Stuart style. There are only so many boxed meals that my taste buds can take."

"Martha Stewart home cooked meals," Joshua nods. The canine man takes in Dean's speech solemnly.

"Right, look I dropped the truck off at the mess- why don't you go down and check it out?" Dean smiled as a familiar scent came his way. He shifted his eyes around Joshua and grimaced internally. His hand slapped Joshua's arm again and he grinned wide, "There's even some of those mini sausages in a can. I'll see you later Dog-boy."

With that Dean was off hurrying back down the corridor before Max realized he was around. He wasn't in the mood to deal with her, not right now. She was likely very pissed off and Dean wanted to avoid the argument that was sure to occur. He needed more time to think up an adequate excuse for taking off.

There was no way that he was going to tell her the truth. Not that she'd believe the whole vengeful spirit issue anyway. No, Dean had to come up with a plausible story about how and where and why he was gone. The supply run only counted for so much. At least it was some excuse... coming back empty handed would have been worse.


One Week or so prior

Dean, I know you're busy with work, but I could use some help. There's a real nasty haunting in Wantonga, Oklahoma. I can't do it alone, son. I really could use your help.

Dean groaned as he listened to the voice mail. Now really wasn't a good time. White's men were still causing trouble and the local authorities were not being remotely cooperative. The silver cell phone dropped onto the worn bedspread and a pale lightly freckled arm landed over his eyes.

Things were tense enough as it was. If he just took off to help his Dad- that no one knew about- out for a few days or so... Dean grit his teeth. Max would beat him up. His arm slid onto the pillow above his head, fingers brushed the freshly painted wall. Why did he have to be on duty when the Max mission came up? Why couldn't it have been one of the others to get that hell of a duty. Maybe then he wouldn't have felt feel this obligation to help and stick around.

Fingers curled into a fist and slammed into the wall behind him. Paint and plaster cracked a bit. It was a good thing he didn't have a bed frame.

The transgenic's were the closest thing he had to a true family since Sam and his Dad had argued. Dean couldn't ignore his father's call. He had to help.

It also gave him a reason to check on the Impala. She'd been in storage just hours away, hidden, for too long. His baby could use an oil change and a fluid check.

Dean rolled his eyes over to glare at the LCD screen on the front of his cell. Fan-fucking-tastic.

Max was going to beat him and Mole was going to finish the job.

Things would be so much easier if he could just give in and tell the others that he, unlike them, had a biological family out there. Dean sighed and sat up. He threw his leg's over the edge of the mattress and rubbed a hand across the back of his neck. The pale skin over which the black lines of a barcode was stamped.

He hoped the cream he had in the back of the Impala was still good. Dean hated the greasiness of it, but it did some sort of mojo that forced attention away from the tattoo. He couldn't hope that he'd find doctors offices to laser it off in Midwest and having it attract attention wouldn't do him any good either.

At least he still had a lot of clothes that would cover it up. He rocked to his feet and stretched lazily. One hand clutched the silver phone and dialed quickly.

"Hey Dad, where should I meet you?"

Family was the most important thing in his life- even if they didn't realize it. Plus he could use a road trip.


Flawless 4 (ramble fic #5)

A.note: Wow I like this verse I've created... I actually started this thinking about Dean and Alec and where the hell is the Impala? Kinda explained it... and yeah there is a Watonga, OK. I think I have relatives near there... but honestly I just quickly pulled up google maps and point click zoomed. *giggle* Then I looked up motel's just in case... there's a Watonga Motel if anyone is wondering *nods*.

I also need to watch DA again (2nd season) because I don't think I have joshua down at all for his speach patterns. I'm thinking if I get a bunch of Flawless ramble fics I'll re-edit them because they do have errors... I'm just not in a mood to fix them right now.
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