Jun. 12th, 2009

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The final part of Dissonance is to the beta, finally! I'm just so exhilarated right now... it's over 9,800 words unbetaed and the longest part yet. That means Dissonance went over 70k words in total. To think I totally and utterly thought it would at most be 30k when I started... This is why it didn't end up making it for the big bang... my Jensen ate my mind and kept expanding it.

I really hope everyone enjoys the fic in its entirety and the story I created with it. My goal was to make a semi-realistic J2 HS AU story that didn't involve a ton of drama and was based in a high school setting that, for me at least, was pretty damn realistic. I also wanted to avoid using the 'popular' instruments (violin, cello) as what the main character played because that's what I see most often. Instead I used the viola, the instrument that I played during my elementary to HS years.

I didn't entirely avoid the cliche... I did write Jared as the 'star quarterback' because I wanted him to be in an entirely different social group then Jensen (who really didn't have much of a social group and was more of a loner). Yes, Chad was a Douche, but I tried to be pretty realistic considering I actually rewrote the original thing I had him do. He was always a jealous friend but my original draft had it be a lot worse... but it all seemed cliche- having a bunch of students make fun of Jensen for being gay? I've seen that written dozens of times before. I love college and HS au's but I always see them where tragedy after tragedy after tragedy occur... and that wasn't something I wanted to write.

In the end I did my best, wove a tail that I love and really has no ending. There are planned time stamps and, maybe, in the future I might write Jared's POV. The latter isn't set in stone, however.

My Jensen basically wrote the story himself. It wasn't originally planned to be entirely from his POV, his observations and opinions about what is going on around him, but that's how it ended up.

One thing to remember when reading this is that every scene is filled with Jensen's thoughts and observations. While there are peeks into the other characters lives, there are only a few characters that Jensen, and thus the reader, really gets to know. He knows a lot of interesting facts about the various people he sees but that doesn't mean he knows them or who they really are. Just like I didn't really know more then a handful of my HS friends well.

Anyway, Dissonance part 10 will be posted this weekend at some point. I hope you all enjoy it and thank you so much for reading!

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