May. 16th, 2009

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Ok so here's the thing. I've been working on the art for the big bang fics I'm doing. Most of what I've done is on the computer. Only... I decided to mess around with some pastels... chalk pastels that I found in my big box of random art stuff. Which, normally wouldn't be that big of a deal because I do that on occasion. Problem was I started sketching without thinking.

So in concludion I have a picture I actually like (which is amazing). I'm not the best artist ever, but it's one of my better pictures (IMO)... problem is I wasn't thinking. Now I already have a few 'collage' type banners for this particular story so I'm not worried about not having art for it.. but still. I have no idea how I can scan this particular picture. 11"x15"... granted some is 'background' but still.

Did I mention that I don't actually have a scanner... well technically I do, I guess. My roommate left this huge printer in the closet that has a scanner. I may have to figure out if it actually works. He left a few cd's he said were supposed to go to it... but no idea if they actually do (he hasn't used it in two+years).

Next time I decide to be creative? Someone kick me and tell me to use my tablet or a sketch book.


PS. If anyone has any advice on scanning this let me know.


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