May. 7th, 2009

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Ramble fics are between 200 and 1000 words (usually). I'm opening myself up again to prompts. I'll have them all done by the end of this month.

Feel free to prompt me multiple prompts- up to three per person. I'll at least do one of them, probably all.

* Supernatural
* Farscape
* Dark Angel
* Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
* Leverage
* SG1
* BTVS or Angel
* Crossover of above and another show I listed on my long list of shows a couple days ago.

I'll do pretty much any pairing but: Max/Logon, Ruby/Sam, Derek/Sarah - Those are off limits because I just can't.

Prompt me anytime from now till May 25th. If I fill all your prompts feel free to prompt me again.

This can include Time Stamps (Flawless, A Sketch in Time) or continuation of a previous Ramble fic.

Only fics off limits: The First Seconded(WIP), Rhyme and Reason (dead), Never Simple (one shot), Dissonance (WIP)
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Title: Dissonance - 2
Author: [ profile] surevesta
Rating: PG-16
Fandom: CW RPS
Word Count: 6415 (this part)
Pairing: J2
Main Characters: Jensen, Jared, Danneel, Sandy, Kripke, Chad, Mike, Chris, Sophia, Hayden, Adair, Rainbow, Allie
Other Characters: Samantha Ferris, Samantha Smith, Tom and Jaime, Aaron, Shawn, Kristin K., Kristin B., Alexis, JDM, and an assortment of other RPS regulars and CW actors/actresses.
Betas: [ profile] anyothergirl415
Disclaimer: The story and plot is mine, the characters are based off of real people and belong to themselves. The places are also based off of real places. I know almost nothing of the foster care system.
Summary: The world of High School through the eyes of violist Jensen Ackles. Life is just notes on a page, waiting to be read and interpreted.

Dissonance by Surevesta
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SPN 4.21

May. 7th, 2009 08:47 pm
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People were really quick about download links today!

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