May. 5th, 2009

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Ok so [ profile] anyothergirl415 did this since someone on her flist did... and now I am too. Cause I'm putting off working on other stuff till later because I have nothing due to Thursday and applications for summer employment are just frustrating at the moment.

Basically list television series you have seen and write a brief note about why/why not people should write this. While anyothergirl415 said "All the way through" I'm going to state that these are episodes I've seen *most* of the episodes for. If I haven't seen an entire season then I'll mention it in my write up. Some of these I haven't seen for a long time so I can't remember if I missed a lot of or did see the entire series. I tried to include shows I've at least seen the pilot and the last (aired) episode, though. I won't say that I haven't missed an episode of though.

I didn't see route 666 of supernatural till after I'd seen most of season 3 because my roommate accidentally skipped it on the dvd... so things happen. And hey, for some of these I was a BABY.

Because I'm killing myself without it- I won't be including the dozens of anime series I've seen.


Without further ado:

Supernatural )
Dark Angel )
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles )
Angel )
Buffy the Vampire Slayer )
Tru Calling )
Firefly )
Dollhouse )
Stargate SG1 )
Stargate Atlantis )
Farscape )
The Invisible Man )
The Pretender )
Battlestar Galactica (New) )
Battlestar Galactica (1978) )
Galactica 1980 )
Star Trek... all of them )
Lexx )

MY HAND HURTS. So I may continue this later, other shows I may write about:

*Babylon 5, *Crusade, Merlin, Legend of the Seeker, *Hercules and *Xena, *Earth 2, United States of Tera, Dexter, *Six Feet Under, *Dead Like Me, Eureka, *Queer as Folk, *MacGyver, *Quantum Leap, *Sliders, *Charmed, *Dresden Files, *Jeremiah, *Jericho, Torchwood, Doctor Who, *ER, CSI...all of them, NCIS, Law and Order, Psych, Monk, *Northern Exposure, *X-Files, Kyle XY, *Roswell, Lost, Chuck, Bones, *Forever Knight, *Highlander, *Early Edition, *Witchblade, *Alias, *First Wave, *Red Dwarf, *Lois and Clark, *The Outer Limits, *viper, *The Dead Zone, *Andromeda, *Sentinel, *Knight Rider (new), Smallville, *Earth Final Conflict, Tru Blood)

Vid Rec

May. 5th, 2009 05:07 pm
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Ok so I caught up on most my back log, I'll do just a few at a time now.

(Lexx: Who Knew - Kai/Xev, spoilers through S4 finale by MJSPrime)

(Lexx: I Worship his Shadow, spoilers for first few episodes? no Xev, just Zev by mobiusbelmont)

(SPN: Sam and Dean, Keep 'em, bloopers+show Separated by Krisdivney)

(SPN: Get Out Alive by Bretchn01)

(SPN: Sam behind blue eyes by liefstevera)
surevesta: A picture of Alec, from Dark Angel, smiling (dean nutty)
Title: Iridescence
Author: Surevesta
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Dean
Word Count: 280
Disclaimer: Not Mine.
Rating: PG
Summary: It had to be a dream, it couldn't not be.
A.Note: I was screwing around with the airbrush in corel. Yes, I know it's crappy but I was bored and then it made me want wing fic. And this is what came out.

Iridescence by Surevesta

Click to Read )
A.Note: Tomorrow those two Rambles I owe WILL be posted.... or I guess today.


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