Mar. 1st, 2009

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Title: The First Seconded - 0/?
Author: Surevesta aka Falcon-Rider
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel
Word Count: 754/?
Originally Posted: 07-14-02
Disclaimer:I own nothing but my original characters. Everything else belongs to WB, Fox, Mutant Enemy, FX, and Joss Whedon's brilliant mind. I'm just playing in the sand box. ^.^
Summary: Post Grave…. Spikes fought to give Buffy what she deserves and in doing so he gained a destiny. On his journey he makes some new friends, who are both chosen in their own way to help with the fight.
Pairings: Eventual Buffy/Spike, Dawn/Connor, Willow/Tara, and various others

Original A.Note: Nich- pronounced Nick and I’ve never been to Africa, nor did I spend time researching airports or sewer systems in Africa. Nor have I been to England.

A.Note: I am editing and reposting this. It probably won't be 100% perfect be cause I am rewriting sections (sometimes large portions) and while its been 7 years it's still my writing. Before this is reposted to I'll have it Beta-ed. I plan on reposting a new version of a chapter (some of which may end up being combined) once a week. You can find the original and incomplete version of the fic on if you wish. Because this is me rewriting/editing an older fic this is not necessarily my usual/current style of writing. The Angel x-over comes in later parts.

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surevesta: A picture of Alec, from Dark Angel, smiling (Jensen giggle)

Happy Birthday Jensen Ackles! by Surevesta

Yeah not my best edit ever but hey I did it in like two minutes... Just a quick note of Happy B'day to my favorite Actor.


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