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Title: Dissonance - Part 7
Author: [ profile] surevesta
Rating: PG-16
Fandom: CW RPS
Word Count: 6,120 (this part)
Pairing: J2
Main Characters: Jensen, Jared, Danneel, Sandy, Kripke, Chad, Mike, Chris, Sophia, Hayden, Adair, Rainbow, Allie
Other Characters: Samantha Ferris, Samantha Smith, Tom and Jaime, Aaron, Shawn, Kristin K., Kristin B., Alexis, JDM, and an assortment of other RPS regulars and CW actors/actresses.
Betas: [ profile] anyothergirl415
Disclaimer: The story and plot is mine, the characters are based off of real people and belong to themselves. The places are also based off of real places. I know almost nothing of the foster care system.
Summary: The world of High School through the eyes of violist Jensen Ackles. Life is just notes on a page, waiting to be read and interpreted.

Dissonance by Surevesta
Master Post


Sunday was an average day for Jensen. There was almost no difference between it and previous Sundays. It was different, though, or maybe he was different. He spent most of the day sweating in the chilly October air while helping dig holes along the foundation to help Denis replace the outdated basement windows. The chill did little to alleviate the burning he felt as his muscles stretched and protested the work out.

The weather was slowly getting colder, tell tale signs of winter- sparkles of frost on golden or rust splotched leaves- were present Tuesday morning when Jensen left his house. It was Jensen's turn to follow Jared around, which he almost regretted as it was Halloween and he'd miss Mike's newest crazy costume. Almost being the key word. He wasn't about to complain about spending an entire day with his boyfriend. Yesterday during lunch Jared had insisted that he should pick Jensen up in the morning because he always drove to school. As such, he had stated, Jensen should ride in his car the short distance to school to get the full effect. Then he had stolen half of Jensen's french fries.

They had met up after practice and Jared had given him a ride home and then to work. Jensen had ended up changing in the bathroom while Jared snooped around in his room, not that the other teen would ever admit to it. When Jensen had entered the room, hair still went but dressed for work, Jared had been lying on his bed twiddling his thumbs.

Since the quarterback had been so insistent on providing Jensen with transportation, Jensen had insisted on spending the fifteen or so extra minutes it allotted him tasting Jared's mouth. He almost ended up being late to work, which was entirely his own fault, but Jared could drive really fast when necessary. It was remarkable that they weren't pulled over for speeding since the local cops were known to pull over people going just three miles above the speed limit.

By the time Jensen was ready to leave, Jared had already pulled up to the curb and climbed out. He had parked so that the driver's side was towards the house, only a few feet from being perpendicular to the walk leading to the house. As Jensen pushed past the screen door and pulled the front door shut behind him, he caught sight of the other teen. Jared was leaning against the side of car, head tilted back and eyes shut. His breath was barely visible in the air, a light mist exhaling from between his lips.

Swallowing thickly, tongue darting out to wet his lips, Jensen strode down the path. Halfway to him, Jared's eyes opened and his chin dropped slightly as a smile brightened his features. Only a few seconds later Jensen was standing in front of him, meeting his gaze and very aware of the few inches of difference to their height.

“'Morning Jensen,” Jared's voice was soft and a bit husky from the cold. Pushing himself away from the car, he moved a step closer to Jensen, hazel eyes glittering in the early morning light.

“Good-” Jensen's reply was cut off as one of Jared's large hands wrapped around the back of his neck and pulled him forward into a kiss. He reached out and set his own hands on the quarterback's waist and tugged him closer. Because, really, this was a much better greeting then any jumble of words Jensen could think of.

They broke apart after only a few moments, before things could get too heated. Jared's hand smoothed around his neck and rested against his cheek for just a moment, thumb brushing just beneath Jensen's glasses. A second later the moment was over, hands dropped and Jensen stepped away, cheeks tinged a light pink that wasn't caused by the cold.

“Morning,” He murmured, hand going up to adjust how his backpack rested against his shoulders and back. His tongue swept quickly across his lips, tasting Jared, sweet syrup and minty toothpaste and just Jared. Ducking his head, Jensen motioned to the car, “We should probably get going, to class. Don't want to be late.”

“Yeah, you're right,” Jared nodded as Jensen looked up, he hadn't moved yet. “Just... one more?” Jensen blinked but obliged, pulling Jared down for another quick kiss. He really couldn't resist that look- not that he really wanted to. Definitely one gigantic puppy dog.


Jared's first class of the day was weight training, which surprised Jensen a bit since the quarterback always parked in the academic parking lot. Since his first class was in the gym and he ended his day with football practice, it would have been logical for Jared to park in the gym lot. But he didn't and Jensen didn't ask why. There were a few possible reasons floating through his mind and Jensen didn't want them to be proved false.

It was a little awkward, just hanging out while Jared worked out. Jensen knew a bit about the weight system but he'd taken aerobics and weight training and that was different then this. There was more emphasis on the 'aerobics' side while this was all about how much you could lift. Jared could actually lift quite a bit. A lot more than Jensen could, but then Jensen hadn't been training daily and it'd been almost a year and a half since he worked out in a way that didn't involve home improvement. Not that Jensen was weak or anything, weight training just wasn't really his thing and there hadn't been much time for him to go for a run recently.

He watched the class from the door, keeping out of the way. The weight room portable had an end that opened like a garage to let the cool air flow through and alleviate the strong scent of sweat and the stuffy quality of the air. Leaning against the frame, Jensen stuffed dry hands into his pockets. For some reason the skin on the back of his hands always dried out pretty bad during the colder months. A lot of the time he ended up 'borrowing' a squirt or two of Aloe Vera lotion Hayden left in the bathroom. This month she had some fruity smelling stuff that was just too girly. He really needed to pick up something unscented from the store soon.

A few of the guys eyed him weirdly, probably a bit confused about his presence. Jensen shrugged it off. If they hadn't heard about the assignment from hell by now they probably would soon anyway. It wasn't as if Jared and Jensen were the only two people following each other around for it. Last week Alona Tal had apparently been in art class. Supposedly she knocked over Nikki Aycox's newest project- a huge mixed media project Nikki had been working on for over a month. Supposedly it hadn't been damaged too much and Nikki had actually thought the damage worked with her theme and just kept working on it. Kripke had probably been extremely relieved.

Second period was just like every other day, but English was the only class they had in common. Well, they both had Calculus but it was at different times of the day. Jared had it during fifth period when Jensen had Music Theory with Mr Morgan, the band teacher. Kripke did rearrange the seating for the day, however, so Jensen ended up sitting next to Jared- in Erica Durance's spot. She'd huffed a bit, glaring at Kripke, when they traded spots. Jensen wished the move could be permanent.

Following English, Jared had AP Chemistry, which Jensen had taken as a sophomore. It was taught by Mr. Glover, an eccentric middle aged man who took extreme delight in showing the corrosive properties of various acids. Luckily they didn't have to witness any holes being burned into the table top today. The lab they were working on involved scents something which Jensen was very happy about. Even if Jared made him smell the citrusy-lavender concoction he made... half a dozen times.

Lunch was different. Very different. In the past Jared had always been the one to join Jensen at lunch, but today Jensen was joining Jared. Apparently, half the time Jared went out to eat or went home for lunch. In comparison to most periods, lunch was only thirty minutes long but that was long enough to go home, grab something, and manage to eat and get back before lunch ended. Plus they had a ten minute passing period on either side.

Jared was pretty quick about the trek to his car considering it was parked on the opposite side of campus from the Science building. As they were leaving the side walk surrounding the English and History building, headed across the field, a short and very petite blur of long dark brown hair and tanned skin wrapped itself around Jared. Sandy. They stopped short, Jared grinning as he returned the hug.

Tensing, Jensen bit his lip and watched them. The logical portion of his brain was telling him to remember what Jared had said, that Sandy was just a friend. Jared's best friend. The illogical, fearful, and emotional side was preparing for fallout.

Neither part expected her to draw back from Jared and launch herself at him. He staggered back a step at the sudden weight as she wrapped her arms around his body and smiled at him. She seemed so small, probably only 5'3” or so, and she was tiny.

Her face suddenly changed, eyes hardening ever so slightly and lips pursed tight as she pulled back, “If you hurt him I will flay you and use my pompoms for kindling to burn your corpse.” Jensen was pretty sure his eyes were comically large behind his glasses.

Sandy! That's not funny,” Jared protested, pulling her away from him. Lips pursed and quirked to the side, the cheerleader leaned against Jared's side, eyes still narrowed.

“You're right, I'll have to find something else to use for kindling. Plastic doesn't burn well, stinks when it does, and it'd take a while to get replacements,” She nodded thoughtfully, tapping her lips with her fingertip.

“Sandy,” Jared sighed. Patting his chest gently, she grinned up at him.

“Just playing the part of the overprotective best friend,” Sandy turned her gaze back to Jensen and winked. “Not that I think Jensen would ever hurt you. He's such a total sweetheart!” If Jensen's cheeks weren't still a terrified white washed color, they would have been turning bright red.

Jared grinned at him as they started walking again, Sandy in tow, “He sure is.” Red. Bright, fire engine, glaring red.


They went to McDonald's for lunch, which Sandy actually insisted on buying, much to Jensen's chagrin and Jared's surprise. She told them it was to keep them from arguing over it themselves- didn't want a 'testosterone based caveman-esque lovers quarrel'. Jared just wrapped one long arm around his shoulder and whispered in his ear that 'resistance was futile' when it came to Sandy's decisions. No matter what the issue was, she would eventually win it.

After lunch Jared had second year Spanish. It was Halloween and the class was discussing Dia De Los Muertos and who was going to bring what for the party the next day. A couple of students were dressed up in costumes for Halloween, most people had gotten it out of their system last Wednesday during homecoming week's 'Early Halloween' dress up day. There had been contests during lunch and everything- Mike had won during second lunch with his home made Jack, from Pirates of the Caribbean costume. He even acted the part perfectly; although, Jensen thought it wasn't that much different then how he usually acted.

Taylor Momsen, a girl who was also in Jensen's Physics class, was wearing a long gothic looking dress. A witches hat was perched on her bright pink backpack, leaning just inside the open zipper, while a rustic wood broom rested next to her against the wall. The class was in one of the library class rooms, the back portion of the library that had been portioned off into six rooms. They didn't connect directly into the library but four connected to an indoors locker lobby- the nicest at the school- and two had doors that opened directly to the outside. None of them had windows.

It wasn't too difficult for Jensen to follow the actual Spanish portions of the class, it had only been five months since he'd finished the class. Fifth period, of course, was Calculus, which Jared had with both Sandy and Chad. It was probably the most awkward class for Jensen, too. He was entirely sure what Chad's problem was. Jensen knew the guy wasn't someone who tended to socialize with people outside his social sphere, but the glares were getting a bit ridiculous. For supposedly being Jared's male best friend he should be aware, at the very least, of the assignment they were working on. He wasn't about to ask Jared if Chad knew about them or not. Even if the other teen insisted that hiding wasn't something he wanted.

Jared's class was a day behind theirs, probably because it was an afternoon class. It always seemed like attention spans tended to shorten or dissipate entirely the closer it got to three o'clock. After Calculus Jared had Psychology, something that really surprised Jensen. He hadn't associated that sort of class with the quarterback before. Jared loved it, or seemed to anyway. The class was discussion based and taught by Mr. Corbin, who insisted they all called him by his first name: Barry. Mr. Corbin also taught the advanced freshman English class, had for years, and was in charge of the school paper.

During his sophomore year Jensen had considered taking Journalism, even signed up for it, but in the end he'd switched courses in order to get P.E. and his foreign language requirements done as soon as possible. If it hadn't been for the schools robust music department he probably would have been working on the paper last year, instead he focused on taking those extra courses Mr. Morgan and Ms. Ferris made available for students considering a future in the field.

Chad's attitude hadn't changed by the time seventh period rolled around. They didn't get much of a chance to talk before class as Chad had auto shop sixth period in the agriculture building and American government was in the farthest English portable. Jensen hung to the back of the class, luckily someone was absent so he had a seat in the crowded room. Jared was near the front and Chad was sitting next to him.

On the other side of Chad was Kenzie Dalton, his long time girlfriend. Jensen wasn't entirely sure when they started dating but by the time he transferred here in the middle of the fall semester freshman year, they were already getting in trouble for public displays of affection. They were only rivaled by Sarah and David, another cheerleader-football player couple, although lately there seemed to be some friction between the two. Sarah was in his music theory class, in addition to cheerleading she was in Chamber choir, and she had been getting pretty cozy with James Marsters, a fellow singer, in the Music building hall last week.

Sighing, Jensen scratched at his spiral notebook with his pencil and rubbed at his left temple, bumping his glasses. He wrinkled his nose and looked up in time to catch Jared's eyes as he glanced over his shoulder. Jared grinned at him, dimples and all, before turning his attention back to the teacher.

After school they parted ways, temporarily at least. Jared caught his hand and threaded their fingers together, squeezing gently, before following Chad who had stalked off after the bell rang, Kenzie in tow. Since he'd watched Jared's practice before they didn't see the need to do it again. Instead Jensen made his way over to the music building. He'd left his viola there the night before, skipping practicing at home since he had the late shift anyway.

Chris and Danneel were already setting up when he got there. There was a stand missing from the storage room, probably sequestered by the band. Jensen considered going to get another one but decided against it. They weren't even positive that Mike- absent minded Captain Jack Sparrow once again- was going to be at practice today. When he got into character for something he tended to take it to the extreme. Plus he had mentioned something about meeting his 'crew' for a pint of ale earlier when they passed crossing campus. Jensen could only assume that meant he wasn't going to be there.

They ran through the piece several times before taking a short break. Danneel insisted they discuss the competition even though Mike wasn't there. They could always catch him in class at some point but the major details did need to be hashed out. The competition was taking place December ninth, at a school about four hours away. It was a bigger event than the one they usually went to but the other school had filled up rather quick this year so they'd been forced to sign up for this one. It was a much larger event; in addition to orchestra and band the choir would also be joining them for it.

“I'm signed up to share a room with Summer, Morena, and Jewel,” Danneel said, threading her fingers together, palm out, and stretching. “Should be interesting, my only other option was to share a room with Kenzie and her friends since Allie's rooming with the second violins.”

Chris snorted, raising an eyebrow, “Why didn't you room with Clea and Elisabeth?”

“Their duet didn't meet Morgan's standards. They were going to do some rock and roll song or other, I think.”

Jensen frowned, “Don't they play the flute?”

“Clea plays the flute and Elisabeth's been playing the piccolo since sophomore year,” She sighed, cracking the knuckles of her left hand. Jensen flinched at the noise and Chris made a face. “Yeah, I don't know either. Apparently they wrote the arrangement themselves.”

“Right,” Chris cleared his throat. “I signed Mike and us up for a room, Jensen. So far we don't have a fourth and I'm really hoping we don't get one. I really don't want to share a bed with Mike.”

“But you'll share one with Jensen?” Danneel raised an eyebrow.

“Jensen doesn't grope in his sleep,” Chris shuddered. “Last year Mike fucking cuddled me in the middle of the night... It's not funny!”

Only Jensen thought it was absolutely hilarious. He had gotten up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and noticed Mike utterly wrapped in a death grip around Chris on his way back to bed. Steve, a former bass player and Chris' best friend, even took pictures to memorialize the event before waking Chris up. They were secreted away in Steve's dorm at the state university, ready black mail material for when Chris went to college next year. The two already had plans to share a dorm room and form a band next fall.

They called an end to practice a few minutes earlier than usual, after running through the music a few more times and trying to balance the volume level without Mike. It was overcast when Jensen left the building, a few fat drops of rain marking the pavement. It always seemed to rain on Halloween without fail, Jensen couldn't remember a single Halloween since his parents died that it hadn't rained. Not that he had done much trick or treating over the years.

The only real memory Jensen had of Halloween was of bright porch lights, scary costumes, and Josh's clammy hand clasped tightly around his smaller digits. It was a good memory, he supposed, better than some anyway. The first two years he was in the foster care system the homes that Jensen was at had taken him and Josh trick or treating, after that they had been to busy or didn't celebrate it. By the time he was with the Orchards he was too old, in his own mind, to engage in the fun. Hayden, however, was going to take Adair and Rain to some trick or treating event downtown. Her friends Mom volunteered to chaperon.

He took his time crossing the school grounds. It would still be a bit before Jared got done; Jensen could hear whistles in the distance and the sound of the team still running plays. There were only a few people in the commons when he passed by it, detention mostly over with for the afternoon. He recognized one or two students, probably working off being late to class several times in a row or perhaps in trouble skipping class altogether.

Jessica, he could remember her first name but not her last, tended to skip class when she was bored and the only thing that kept her invested in school activities was the dance team. If it wasn't for that she'd probably be attending one of the alternative schools for behavioral problems. She caught his gaze as he walked by and glared. Jensen thought she might still be mad about him refusing to let her borrow his notes last spring from the final biology review. But then she'd skipped class to have sex with Michael Weatherly in the mens room in the small gym and got caught. He really didn't feel that bad about not lending her his notes.

Rolling his neck, causing a few soft cracks to reach his ears, Jensen continued on towards the far parking lot. When he got to the outside walk of the English building he paused, turning to watch as the football team hurried inside just as rain began to trickle from the sky. It wasn't a heavy rain but a scattering of fat rain drops rhythmically slapping shingles, brick, and cement. Rather than wait at the car, Jensen watched the door to the gym for any sign of Jared.

Between classes they had talked about tonight. Jensen wasn't working so Jared had asked him if he wanted to come over. It was something else that was new. It had been a while since Jensen went over to someone's house without homework being involved. Just before school had started Chris had thrown a 'farewell loser' party for Steve. Only it hadn't really been much of a party. Mike and Jason, another graduate, had been the only other people there. They had spent the evening playing guitar and getting Steve piss drunk with Chris' Dad's stash of whiskey and vodka. Steve had also been the only one drinking, Chris' rules. He swore it was just an attempt on Chris' part to get some black mail material on Steve. Jensen had left after an hour and a half, walking since Chris didn't live that far from him.

He leaned back against the brick wall, lost in his thoughts and the sound of rain drops hitting the roof. Almost ten minutes later Jared final exited the gym, joking around with a couple of his teammates. Sandy wasn't there today; she had probably already gotten a ride with another cheerleader. Pushing himself away from the wall, Jensen made his way towards the other end of the walk, the corner closest to the field. Jared was walking on the other side of the Tennis courts, glancing around. He hadn't seen Jensen yet.

When Jared did catch sight of Jensen, his face brightened visibly and he raised an arm in greeting. By then it was raining harder, the slow rhythm of rain drops turning into a quick steady beat of sixteenth notes. They met a ways into the field, angling to meet from their respective side of the tennis courts.

“Ready to go?” Jared grinned, tilting his head to the side. While Jensen had a hoodie, Jared just had his lettermen jacket. His hair had likely already been damp from a post-practice shower and now it was plastered to his head, water droplets sliding off the ends.

Jensen reached up and brushed a strand away from the other teens right eye, “Yeah, let's get out of the rain.”


The ride to Jared's house was quick, only a five minute drive. It was in the opposite direction from Jensen's and that meant Jared went out of his way every time he dropped off, or picked up, Jensen. For some reason that knowledge sent a warm thrill up his spine. He shivered and opened the car door once Jared had pulled into the drive. The house in front of him was a two story house with a two car garage. The yard looked to be good sized, not huge but nice and was lined with old oak trees and flower beds. The house was longer and wider than Jensen's home, probably about twice the square feet. It was in good repair, too, paint clean and fresh looking, a bright white with dark green trim.

Jared didn't park in the garage, there was no point to since he'd be driving Jensen home later. The garage wasn't connected to the house, either, so it wasn't going to keep them out of the rain for long. Dashing to the porch, a long deck with tailored railings, they hurried out of the rain. When they got to the door Jared pulled Jensen against him and caught his lips, leaning back against the wall next to the door.

After a moment, Jensen pulled back slightly, body still slotted perfectly against Jared's, “What're we doin'?”

“Kissin',” Jared replied leaning his forehead against Jensen's, hand slipping from Jensen's cheek to the back of his head, knocking the hood off.

Jensen wrinkled his nose as a drop of water slid into his eye from Jared's hair and blinked, “You need a towel.”

Jared just laughed and kissed him again before pulling away to unlock the door. His parents were gone already, they had a company party tonight, and had dropped his little sister off at a friends on the way. Apparently Jared was supposed to be in charge of handing out candy to the trick or treaters, however many they got. Personally, Jensen had doubts that there would be many tonight due to the weather. He had absolutely no doubt that there'd be no candy left at the end of the night though. Jared was a bottomless pit when it came to sugar.

They ended up camping out in the living room, in front of a flat screen television. It was one of the newer ones and very thin. Jensen supposed that kept it from taking up too much space and let it actually fit into the room, rather than stick out like a sore thumb. The house was nice, polished wood floors, nearly pristine yet comfortable furniture, and it had a warm homey feel. Jared stuck a frozen pizza in the oven to cook while Jensen watched. The way Jared actually read the back of the pizza box instead of just glancing at it made him think the quarterback didn't cook much.

They had three groups of trick or treaters before the pizza finished cooking. Jensen hung back while Jared handed out the candy, smarties, fun size milky ways, mini twizzler packages, and boxes of milk duds that held four of the candies at most. The kids were cute. There were two princesses in pink, a pirate, a skeleton, and a squad (three) soldiers. Jensen thought the skeleton costume was best- it was home made and amazingly well done. It even glowed in the dark.

When the pizza was finally done they set up shop on the couch, pizza and several cans of soda popped onto the end table. Initially Jensen had sat down about half a foot away, nervously running his hands along the course material of his jeans. Jared just rolled his eyes, wrapped an arm around his shoulders, and tugged him up close before going after a piece of pepperoni and sausage pizza and hitting 'play' on the DVD player.

The pizza was good, tasty, and so was the movie. They didn't make out much, surprisingly, but Jensen thought that mostly had to do with them being interrupted by the doorbell every five to ten minutes. As it got closer to the end of the movie the number of times they were interrupted tapered down and by the time the credits rolled it had been twenty minutes since the last time the doorbell rang.

At some point the food was abandoned and Jared had pulled Jensen against his chest, his back resting against the corner of the couch. Jensen was slouched down slightly, side pressed against Jared's, thigh against thigh. The other teen had one arm draped over arm rest and one around Jensen's shoulders and across his chest, fingers and hand resting beneath Jensen's left.

“Did you like it?”

Jensen tilted his head back against Jared's shoulder, cheek brushing cheek. Neither of them had much stubble but it wasn't exactly smooth and soft. He liked the feeling. “Yeah, it was good... there's a sequel, right?”

Jared grinned and maneuvered his head enough to brush his lips against Jensen's, “A couple.”

“Do you think we have time for another one?” Jensen pushed himself up a bit, turning to face his boyfriend.

“Yeah,” Jared grinned and pulled away, standing up. “We should have plenty of time. When did you want to get home by tonight?”

“Eleven would be good. It's not going to be a good idea to drive after midnight,” He rubbed a hand over his forehead, pushing dark, dirty blond locks back. “Parties, too many drunk drivers and rain. The roads are going to be pretty slick.”

Jared nodded absently as he switched out the CD, placing it in it's case with a soft click as it secured itself. It only took him a couple minutes to locate and put in the next movie, Die Hard 2: Die Harder, into the DVD player. The doorbell rang just as he was sitting back down. He handed Jensen the remote and snagged the large yet nearly empty bowl of candy from the end table and headed to the door.

Slotting an arm over the back of the couch, Jensen turned so that he could watch Jared. The other teen was having fun, grinning like mad as he commented on the outfits the kids were wearing. He couldn't see past the door, but from the comments Jensen guessed there was another pirate and a princess at least. Maybe a little skunk, too. He wasn't entirely sure on the last one, though. As he turned around, Jensen's gaze caught on his backpack and instrument case, laying where he'd propped them against the wall near the door. The case was beat up and worn in comparison to everything else in the house, even the antique china cabinet in the dining room across the entry was a hundred times nicer.

He dropped his arm from the side of the couch as Jared waved goodbye to the kids and shut the door, locking it. Before heading back into the living room he flipped the porch light off, “We are out of candy!”

Jensen raised an eyebrow at Jared as he practically bounced back into the room, “Don't you mean it's all in your stomach?” He frowned as Jared put the bowl back down on the table. “Jared, there's still like ten pieces in there at least...”

“Not for long,” Jared grinned, snagging a twizzlers as he flopped back onto the couch next to Jensen. Tearing open the plastic wrap, he frowned at Jensen, “Hey, what's up?”

“Huh?” Jensen diverted his gaze from the crinkling plastic up to Jared's hazel orbs.

“Somethings up with you,” Jared licked his lips and reached over to tap a finger against Jensen's forehead. “You're thinking too hard. Is something wrong?”

Frowning, he shook his head, “Nothings wrong... just,” Jensen bit his lip, worrying it between his teeth for a moment. “I think you're right.”

There was a moment of silence before Jared finally spoke up, “Awesome! Right about what?”

“You're right about my music, the viola. I have the money and waiting till I know a 'maybe' isn't going to help me now. I might as well get a new instrument and use it to help turn that 'maybe' into something more, right?”

Jared sat up straighter, hand holding the mini-twizzlers dropping to his lap, “Yeah, that's right. And even if the 'maybe' is less... you're still going to have to find a way around that anyway... so you might as well go at it with your best.”

“Alright,” Jensen pinched the bridge of his nose under his glasses then blinked. Turning his gaze back to his boyfriend he sighed, “Still not sure how I should go about buying a viola though.”

“Well there's the internet... or you could go to a store,” Jared slid an arm around Jensen's waist and reeled him in to rest against his side. “There are stores that sell violas, right?”

Jensen nodded, fingers tracing through the spaces between the buttons on the remote, “Yeah, of course. There's one about an hour and a half away I've been to. We visited after last years competition, I bought a 'G' string. I mean, a string for my viola. 'G' is the note...” Jared interrupted him with a kiss, light and sweet- almost chaste.

“I get it,” There was an undercurrent of amusement in the quarterback's voice.

“Yeah, they actually had some good instruments. Quality, surprisingly.”

“You should go there then,” Jared stated as if it was just that easy.

“Me and what car? There's no bus there- the Grey Hound doesn't even stop there. I don't want to ask Margaret or Denis to give up a good nights sleep for this-”

Jared just rolled his eyes, “My car, dummy. I'll drive you.”

“No. I can figure something else out,” Protesting, Jensen pulled away slightly. Jared just snagged his left hand and slotted their fingers together.

“Yes, I will. And, before you protest, this isn't just for you,” A wide smile slowly spread across his face. “I need to do my Christmas shopping and I figure two months early is better than last minute. Sides Meggy's got a few favorites. My Mom won't mind if I borrow the car- all of her friends drive her around anyway. You can pay for half the gas and your own lunch. Does that work for you?”

Jensen sighed and dropped his head down to Jared's shoulder, a small smile pulling at his lips, “I'm not going to be able to argue with you, am I?”

“I'm nearly as good at this as Sandy,” Jared chuckled and Jensen could feel it against his chest. “One day the apprentice will overtake the master and then everyone will have to beware!”

“You're such a dork,” Jensen sighed, if it wasn't for the hard frames of his glasses he thought he might be nuzzling Jared's neck.

“I'm a hot football playing stud of a dork,” He could feel Jared's smile through his voice and the light play of muscles beneath his skin. “But you love me for it.”

Jensen thought that if he didn't love Jared now, he would soon. Absently his finger found the 'play' button and pressed it as he turned in Jared's arms to face the TV.


It was almost eleven thirty when Jensen slipped forced open the front door to his house. Denis was sitting on the couch reading the newspaper, bowl of cereal in hand.

“Did you have a good time tonight?”

“Yeah,” Jensen blushed a bit, not looking his foster father in the eye. He wasn't naive enough not to know what Denis probably was thinking. “We watched Die Hard and Die Hard 2 and gave candy to little kids. Pizza too, we had pizza for dinner. Frozen pizza, pepperoni and sausage.”

“Was it good?” He glanced up and could tell Denis was trying to contain a chuckle.

“Yeah, it was DiGiorno,” Jensen smiled, adjusting his grip on his viola. “It was great.”



A.Note: Ok so this fic is going to be longer than eight parts because my muse wanted to delve a bit more into things. After redoing the outline and adjusting my very rough draft of the last section, I'm pretty sure it'll be ten but I'm leaving off the /10 because I just don't know. I know it won't be more than eleven for sure, however. I do have planned time stamps for after the fic ends that will probably end up being about the same length as an average chapter. I hope you enjoyed this part!

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He does glare a lot, doesn't he? But then this is just Jensen's perspective of everyone... he doesn't see everything, although he does see quite a bit...

More will be up this weekend! Thanks for reading <3

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Aw, they are so sweet together.

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They really are! *hugs* Thanks for reading!

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*g* sooo... Jen will buy a viola. Good sounding instrument is a good way to wow any future scholarship-person. Jay is damn cute when he's on sugar *lol* and he is very attentive, noticing that Jensen is 'thinking' just by a look.
Well... I do note with a speculative grin that there is still one bed empty for the concert trip... Or rather a space in Jen's bed ;)
Just wanted to mention that *lol*
*hugs* Birdie

Date: 2009-05-29 04:15 pm (UTC)
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It would be! Wouldn't it? *grin* Jared really loves sugar... Jensen too, but omg sugar. <3

Unfortunantly it's a school sponsored event... but hmm I didn't think of that. I think Mike and Chris wouldn't be too happy though since it's a two bed hotel room (Think Super 8 or Holiday inn type). Chris would probably be *really* upset. Lol.

But you are totally right! *grins* Too bad Jared isn't in the music program!

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I'm glad to learn you will write more chapter.

All the chapters are very well-written and wonderful, I do enjoy them so much!

Look forward to the next!

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Thank you hon! *hugs* I'm really glad you're liking it! More'll be here this weekend. Working on rounding out part 8 to send to the beta right now. <3

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More that eight chapters is a very good thing. I totally approve. *grins*

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So do I! I didn't think I'd go this in depth on some of the situations but I like it better! Thank you so much for reading! <3

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Ahh, the old 'G' string joke. *grin*

The number of times I've had to add a disclaimer to the story about how I "broke my G-string during a concert".

Gotta appreciate those Orchestra Comedy Classics. LOL

I just keep loving this story! Looking forward to more. ^_^

Date: 2009-05-29 09:56 pm (UTC)
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I *had* to use it at some point... ^.^

I'm glad you liked this part! There'll be a bit more orchestra related stuffs in the upcoming parts. :)

*hugs* Thanks for reading!

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Eeeeehhh! Great chapter! This fic makes me long for a relationship like that.


And i am most elated to see that it will be longer than 8 parts. I was getting sad.

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Me too! *pout*

I'm glad you enjoyed it! *hug* Thanks for reading! Workin on the next part now- Should be up Sunday, hopefully. <3

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Okay, this fic has settled it. I'm gonna need to ask you a favor...

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Thanks! <3

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Oh please let them stay together... From experience I know that highschool love usually never lasts outside of it's time, but let Jared have a kind heart, and go wherever Jensen goes... Please?

Date: 2009-05-30 05:44 am (UTC)
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Hmmm we shall see. I already have timestamps plotted following the end of this fic (remember the focus is the assignment, in a way) to the the summer before college. So, even if I don't answer that now in Dissonance itself it will be answered during those :).

<3 Thank you so much for reading this! I'm glad you're liking it so far! *hug*

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great chapter. I really liked Sandy, she's such a nice girl.
ha! Mike cuddling Chris! that was so funny. And the little time they had was so sweet.

can't wait for more

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Thanks I'm glad you liked it! I didn't want to write just another 'Sandy as Jensens rival' HS fic... and I'm not so into excessive agnst... teenagers are agnsty enough with the way they look at life as it is!

*hugs* Thanks so much for reading! <3

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*hugs* thank you so much for reading! I'm really glad you liked it :) More is up now!

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