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Just a small portion of the fics I like. Will be updated from time to time. There are a lot of really good fics missing from this list. Feel free to rec me fics to add to this list... just because it's not on here yet doesn't mean it won't be. I only got so far through my memories... more will be added.

Updated: May 22, 2009

J2 Rec List

Disabilities and Homeless

- Deaf

Out of the Silence by Annie46 – NC17 - When hardened, but lonely cop, Jensen Ackles meets Jared Padalecki in his family’s diner, he doesn’t realise that his life is about to change drastically. Jared is a complete innocent, deaf, mute and unable to communicate, he needs a friend. Can Jensen be that man?

- Mental Handicap!Jared

True Colors by Munibunny - R - Jared is a mentally challenged young man with a very special gift. Jensen is an executive with nothing in his life but work. They meet by accident and discover a connection that defies explanation.

- Mental Handicap, Homeless!Jensen, Doctor!Jared

In From the Cold by Ladyjanelly – R/NC17 – Jared works at a free clinic. Jeff brings Jensen in after he's beat up. Somehow, Jared ends up giving Jensen a home and helping him to regain some of what he lost after his injury.

- Homeless

We Are Trains, Riding Hobo-Style by Silentpoetry1 - NC17 - Jared and Jensen ride the freight trains all over America, picking up pieces of each other along the way.

Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

- Jared

Someone Saved My Life Tonight by Annie46 – NC17 - Sometimes all it needs is one act of kindness. When tired Doctor Jensen Ackles meets a mysterious drug addict, he is suddenly drawn into a world he can no longer understand.

'Friends Who Listen' by Blueeyedliz – PG13 - Misha Collins runs a support group for troubled souls called ‘Friends Who Listen’. It is not and nor has it ever been a dating agency so someone really needs to break the news to Jared and Jensen. Jared has an addictive personality and a drink problem, Jensen is neurotic and has a Chad problem and this....this is a story about first times and finding love in unexpected places. - OCD Jensen, recovering alcoholic Jared

Eating Disorders

- Filming, Anorexic and Bulimic!Jensen

In a Mirror Distorted and Indistinct by Felisblanco – NC17 - They keep calling him beautiful. Pretty. “Come on. Look this way. Give us a smile, Jensen.” He smiles and blinks against the flashes, fighting the urge to lower his eyes, to hide the blush burning under layers of makeup. Sweat runs down his back, his hands tremble.
He’s not pretty, not beautiful. He’s small and weak and pathetic and one day they’re all gonna figure it out. One day… - Deals with eating disorders, self-harm, religious themes and homophobia.

- College/HS, Anorexic!Jensen

Act of Play by lifesscar – R – WIP - He had figured it would be easy to slip past everything and everyone; figured that with all the weight loss, he didn’t look like the same person. Then why is everyone noticing him, remembering him? And what made Jared change?

Filming, Hiatus, and Conventions

A Season for Misunderstandings by Jeddy – R - Oblivious!Jared is oblivious.

Arguing on the Internet is Like... by Chash – NC17 - Jensen doesn't know why everyone always thinks he's the gay one.

A Breath Away From Where We Are by Annkiri – NC17 - Sometimes it takes a while to see what is right in front of you. - Tells how they got together through the show, Jared POV Jared/Sandy, Jensen/Danneel, J2
Sequal(Jensen POV)Breathing in the Space You've Come to Inhabit NC17 - Sometimes, if you wait long enough, you can get what you want.

Common Knowledge by Elucreh - Jared, your fangirls. Fangirls, I believe you already know Jared. Better than he knows himself.

Early Mornings and Late Nights Under Overcast Sky by Sxeraven - Jared’s girl (Sandra) breaks up with him. Jensen tries to help. Things go (rapidly) downhill from there... then fester... then get better?
Sequel -WIP - Mid-Afternoon Sun on Texas Sky - Jensen and Jared go back to Texas for Christmas. Their relationship deepens and they take the next step… pr0n!

Epiphanies for Dummies by Renjifan – NC17 - And this, ladies and gentlemen, is Jared’s moment. His I Want Jensen to Live Here & I Really Don’t Want Him To Leave moment. And when he says moment, he completely means ‘freak-out’ because yeah, it’s a total freak-out.

Gingerbread by Candygramme and Sharonmarais – R - a Jensen and Jared Christmas story.

Got a Life From Life on TV by Chash – So it's been a shitty year, Jensen moves out?

Home by Munibunny – NC17 - They've been living together for nearly six months. How's Jared supposed to deal with suddenly falling in love with his best friend?

(If You Tell Me You Want It) This Could Be Over by tariana (Tariana Adren) – PG13 - Jensen's in a bad mood leaving Chicago-con 2008. Jared needs to figure out why, and also what to do to fix it.

I'll Stop The World and Melt With You by Just-read1 (Jay) – PG - Jared and Jensen are friends, 11th in a series of AU stories exploring their relationship. How friendly are they, really? (J2, Jared/Sandy)

In the Night Kitchen by GrifTX – NC17 - Another JA moves in with JP story

Intimate Enemy by Slashboyz – NC17 - Fan worship can become obsession and sometimes obsession creates a monster. A monster that is closer than you think and knows everything about you. Such a possessive monster is attracted to Jensen, and targets his closest friends and anyone who dares to love the object of its twisted desire. - Dark Themes

Iowa by Realscape – NC17 - Jensen admits something to Jared, and Jared doesn’t do so well with it. Enter- one screwed up friendship. How to fix it?

It's a Thin Line Between Love and Hate by Sinoftheday – NC17 - Both Jared and Jensen are semi-famous television stars when they first meet and a misunderstanding that occurs between them makes them rivals rather than friends, especially when they both land leading roles on two of the hottest shows currently on TV. As their rivalry grows and becomes more public, it seems they’ll never have a chance to straighten out their differences, until they are cast as Sam and Dean Winchester in the highly awaited major motion picture Supernatural. Will they work out their differences and discover that they can be more than just friends or will their rivalry cause Supernatural to go down in flames?

Jen, They're Just Girls by Frances_veritas – R - Jensen is scared of fangirls. Jared tries to soothe him.

Jensen Ackles' Epiphany (or: It's Just Sex, Except It's Not) by akintay (Anna) – NC17 - Jensen figures some things out with the unwanted and unappreciated help of some friends. - includes first meeting.

Just One Breath by Kkgee – NC17 - Following a horrific event during filming, Jensen’s life hangs in the balance and Jared discovers what is truly important.

Last Chance by Freakn_Out – PG13 - Jared announces his engagement. Jensen breaks.

Oύζο [Ouzo] by Lazy_Daze – NC17

The Consequences of Falling by crackedbuthappy – R - Jared's feelings for Jensen come to a head on a day off from work where they play in the snow and Jensen teaches Jared how to make the perfect snow angel.

The Death of Jensen Ackles by Gilascave (James) – PG15 - Jensen and Jared are friends-with-benefits until something happens that changes everything. - ALLERGIES!Jensen: Kiwi

The Homosexual Education of Jared Padalecki by Renjifan – NC17 - His “One Day at a Time” thing wasn’t just a turn-of-phrase. Of course not. With Jensen, everything he said had a deeper meaning. And this time, it meant one progression of sexual contact a day, for a week, until they finally reached sex.

The Missteps of Evolution by renjifan – R - Things with Jensen have always been a bit... complicated.

This is the way my world ends, not with a bang but a... by Blynkk - NC17 - The actors' unique lifestyle and constant togetherness causes them to begin to do things with one another that straight male friends typically do not do.

True Hollywood Story by Pocketfullof – R - Living in Hollywood means sometimes giving up the things you want. - inc Post-SPN

Sparkly Balloons!Eleventy!!1! by Mass_hipgnosis - Jensen and Jared meet for the first time.

Vacanze Romane by Benitle – NC17 - Sandy breaks up with Jared, leaving him heart-broken. Jensen comes to the rescue and drags him on a vacation to a fancy, European city. While they enjoy their trip, Jensen tries to ignore his crush on Jared. Things go well and Jared lightens up again but one drunken night something happens Jensen never dared dream of, turning his world upside down.

Warm Milk and Excedrin PM by Lazy_daze – PG13 – Jared+Jensen+Naps, started out innocently... of course!

Would They Understand? (A fic vid) by Zenamydog and Snfan3, and michaela3105 – NC17 - Relationships are never easy, especially when you are two of the hottest CW stars on TV. So, how do you tell the people you love, just who you really are?

When Things Collide by just-read1 (Jay) – PG - Danneel confronts Jensen about a few things.

- Natural Disaster/Accident involving weather/plane crash

All the Kings Horses by Garvaldmains – NC17 - May 2009 and the largest earthquake in recorded history hits the Los Angeles area. 

You and Me, Sand and Sea by Esohpe – NC17 - After their plane crashes over the ocean, stranding them on an unfamiliar island, Jared and Jensen have to learn to survive - both the island and each other.

Family aka Where they have kids (non mpreg)

- Jared!biological Dad

Instant Family by Incompletework2 – R/NC17 - Jared doesn’t do one night stands, except for that one time, and well it leaves a lasting impression.

It Is by Truelyesoteric – NC17 - First it’s just fun and nothing real. Then nothing has ever been more real and hurts more than anything. And when the dust settles you realize you are somewhere you didn't think you wanted to be. But it is exactly where you want to be... (mentions of Jared/Sandy)
Sequel: It's An Honor NC17 - Jensen gets some news and and their relationship goes forward.

- Jensen!biological Dad

Crushed in Cardova by aynslee – R - After losing his wife, Jensen’s determined to be a good father, even though he doesn’t ever plan on dating again. But once he meets Jared, everything changes.

Pride & Joy by Chez_amanda - NC17 - Jensen is a single dad and writer. Jared works at the library. Wonder what happens when they meet? I think you can all guess. Yeah, so summaries ... not so much.

Future and/or Apocolypse and Extreme AU

- Cryogenics

Freeze Me by Sgnt_Caitsy – NC17 – WIP - Jensen works in cryogenics, his late night shifts in the lab filled with solitaire and self-pity, when suddenly his monotonous routine is shaken up by the mysterious destruction of Gabriel City and the subsequent discovery of an unknown cryo-tank. Left floundering in unfamiliar territory Jensen desperately tries to make the correct decision whilst the line between right and wrong begins to blur.

- Animals

Wild Thing (You Make My Heart Sing) by Cherryscott – PG - Jared and Jensen are star-crossed lovers. Jared's a cheetah and Jensen's a wolf and they sneak around inside the zoo to spend time together.

High School/College and Camp (may include some post college if part of the story)

A Little Less Conversation by berri_fic - R - Jared's sixteenth birthday is pretty much the worst day of his life. Or IS it?

All Your Strange Language by Raphaela667 - R/NC17 - Jared and Jensen go to a private school in New England. Jensen is good at languages, Jared is not. Things ensue, among them: Chad's interpretive dance, Jared's umbrella-person, Jensen's great exasperation and eventually some schmoop.

Behind the Curtain by Renjifan – NC17 - Jared is a senior at NYU, studying to be an actor and paying the bills by working as an agent for a phone-sex hotline.

Behind Your Glittered Eyes +Sequels by Hay1ock - NC17 - Jensen is working in a bar, hiding from his past behind his job. But one night he finds he can't hide forever, the past has a nasty habit of catching up with you in the end.

Best Wishes For a Speedy Recovery by BeckaandZac and Ciaan - NC17 - Jensen is in the hospital with a Vague Illness. Jared is the cheerful high school kid who brings his dogs in to hang out with the patients. Sex ensues. The ensuing is really the important part.

Boy, You'll Be A Woman Soon by Memphis86 and Sanyin - PG13 - Jensen feels pretty, Jared's a gigantic freak who needs to get a clue. Adapted from the Chick Like Me episode of Boy Meets World. Starring: Jared as Cory Matthews, Jensen as Shawn Hunter, Sandy as Topanga Lawrence, Chad as Eric Matthews, and Feeny as himself.

Camp Nuckafoodo by Sammyndeansgrl1 - R - Jared is being sent to summer camp, and he ain't happy about it! He has a fun summer room mate, and meets a cute lifeguard.

Candle in the Wind by Amoore_9778 - Jared is the kid nobody sees, Jensen is the kid everybody notices.

Caught in a Spin by Dark_reaction - NC17 - Jared and Jensen are best friends in high school fighting feelings for each other, school work, team sports, and most of all the required ballroom dancing unit.
Sequel: The Lead is Forward NC17 - Jared and Jensen go off to college. Turns out not everything is easy once the nightmare of high school ends.

Caught in the Hands of Fate by Dying_Sacrifice - NC17 - WIP - Jensen has had his share of ups and downs but he pushes forward and tries not to take life for granted. Starting college in California seems like the right choice for him and everything is going better than he imagined it would. However, fate can be a tricky thing sometimes.

Cold Feet by Deviant_dev - NC17 - Jared and Jensen go to the same college and dated, but Jared got cold feet (being new to TEH gay) and they decided to call it off. Jen is angsty over it but eventually finds a decent guy to help with the lonesome and Jared goes all Alpha male jealous on Jenny boy (even tho HE got a new girl not even a few weeks after breaking it off with Jen)

Cold, Hard, Shiny Plastic by Steph-Hime - PG13 - J2 version of Mean Girls

College!Verse by Aleia - NC17 - being reposted - Things I Learned My Freshmen Year of College + Sequels - Jared's freshman year is really going to be interesting.

Good Girls Don't, But I do by Dollydolittle – R - After being set up for a crime they did not commit; Jensen Ackles, Christian Kane, and Michael Rosenbaum are kicked out of their fraternity and have to prove their innocence. Luckily Mike has a plan, a good plan, a really awesome great plan that involves cunning, courage, and...cross-dressing?

I Sing For You by Lostt1 – PG13 - When Jared finds himself at Camp Ovation for the summer, a musical refuge for talented misfits, he gets a whole lot of drama. But then there's Jensen, his roommate, who may become something more.

My Heart Don't Beat the Way it Used To by Raina – NC17 - Jared and Jensen have been best friends forever, and nothing’s going to ever change that, not even senior slump, or college anxieties, or even Jared getting an annoying cheerleader girlfriend. Or so Jensen thought.

Shouting Out Loud by Blynnk - NC17 - Jensen and Jared are college students who are nothing alike and meet for the first time when they both enroll in an acting seminar. They are cast as the leads in an experimental 2-man play dealing with domestic violence. - Jeff/Jared, Sexual and Domestic Abuse

The Third Third by Insane_Songbird - R - Being a Texas boy Jared Padalecki couldn’t care less about ice hockey. So Jared is slightly lost, when his new roommate Chad is the biggest fan on campus. But when he gets to tutor the most infamous player of the college team, things start to get downright scary. Jensen Ackles has a reputation for aggression control problems and Jared has no idea how to get through the semester without either falling for the handsome man or ending up in a fistfight he’d be sure to lose.

- Student/Teacher relations

A Year in Limbo by Sanyin - NC17 - 19 yr old Jared at a Prep school where Jensen teaches.

- Mechanic!Jared/Student!Jensen

Body Work by Deviant_dev and Liquid_nitrogen - NC17 - Alan Ackles wants to take over Jared's shop. Things are complicated by J2 one night stand.

- Summer Work

Late Night Double Feature by Vorpalblades - R - Gone are the lazy summer days of Jared’s youth; he now has his first-ever job at the Starlight Cinemas. It’s nothing like he expected – long hours, hard work, and unpredictable coworkers, including one Jensen Ackles. Only one thing is certain: Jared’s going to learn more than how to make the perfect batch of popcorn.

- Surfer!Jensen/Student!Jared

Surfer!boys 'Verse California Shallows+Sequels - by toxica939 - NC17 - Jared's spending his last summer before college on the beach in a tiny southern Californian town. Enter messed up Jensen with an odd fixation with the ocean.

- Farm help!Jensen

Heart of Summer by suckmyspock - NC17 - Jared gets into trouble with his parents and is sent to his aunt and uncle's farm for the summer, where hard labor is expected to shape him up. Also staying at the farm is Jensen, a man who's been working for Jared's uncle for a few years.

Historical AU and Alternate History

Choices and Chances by Evening_Spirit - PG13 - WIP - Jensen is a son of a town’s doctor, he lives in a small town in Southern England and tries to forget both his dreams and his nightmares. It will take Jared to help him face each. - American Revolution era

Comes a Horseman by astri13 – NC17 - In the Bronze Age Jen is studying to be a healer, resigned to a life of quietness in his tribe. Though that may change when Jaret, leader of a Barbarian horde gallops into his life.

Nosce Te Ipsum by Rei_C – PG13 - Jensen’s been living in the Empire for over eight years and he’s just now realising he has a problem. When a solution presents itself in the form of a shaggy-haired guy holding a cup of coffee, will he accept an offer he really can’t afford to refuse? - alt. History

Second City Sin by Truelyesoteric – NC17 - In between sin and goodness, in between innocence and knowledge, in between day and night. Chicago 1900. The Everleigh Club. Two people who never would have met otherwise meet as the world rumbles around them.

Two-Spirits by Slashboyz – NC17 - Jensen is a disgraced British soldier and exiled to a regiment in the New World to serve under Captain Morgan. There he befriends a brash young lieutenant, Rosenbaum. Jared was adopted as a small child and raised by a native tribe. He has chosen the path of a two-spirit. When their worlds collide, the lives of all four men are changed forever.


Preset 'Verse by runawaydr3amer (Dream Away) – NC17 - Just because Dean's life is complicated already doesn't mean it can't get moreso. We're about to find out just how complicated it can get.


-Natural, Jensen

Desperation Verse by Hemorage – NC17, R – In a reality where the birth rate is dropping, some men are able to conceive. The US government has a system in place where men able to conceive are forced into a program with three men able to fertilize them and must have sex and conceive a child. Jensen is found later then usual due to his upbringing and Jared is one of the three men he must live with...

- Magic

Seahorse By Memphis86 - NC17 - Everything is going fine for Dr. Jensen Ackles, a successful 3rd-year resident in obstetrics and gynecology at Grace's Heart hospital in San Francisco. But when a 22-year-old art student shows up at claiming he's pregnant, Jensen is completely certain he's crazy. After a bunch of tests, a sonogram and a bizarre story about having invoked the wrath of a ram-headed Egyptian fertility god, it turns out that Jared Padalecki isn't joking: he really did get knocked up! And when Jared insists on having an OB-GYN of his own gender, Jensen's long stretch of successfully not falling for one of his patients is finally at an end.

Non Human, and/or Magic!AU

Cupid 97 (This ain't your Hallmark Cupid) by Aeroport_art – R - Everybody's got a love/hate relationship with their jobs. But for Jensen Ackles, top Cupid in the nation, after a hit goes wrong it's just a long, downhill slide from there. Caution: an ungodly amount of swearing, sarcasm, and schmoop in which Chris Kane is an awesome best friend, Tom Welling's the vacuous son of Zeus, Rosenbaum is Rosenbaum, and Jensen has a penchant for Plans.

- Ghosts

A Thousand Kisses Deep by Englishblue - R/NC17 - WIP - Jensen buys an english cottage whose original owner, a ship captain who died at sea, is still hanging around. He's not too happy about Jensen taking up residency in his home- at least at first.

Heaven's Just A Sin Away by Jeyhawk - NC17 - Jared's a medium who meets Jensen, a hot ghost and build a relationship. There may be more to Jensen then Jared originally perceived.

Outside POV

Casa Mañana by Timehasa_way – G - Alan Ackles does not have a favorite child. But he knows when one child needs him more than the others.

In Dog Years by not_refined – PG – The love story of Jared and Jensen, as seen through the eyes of Sadie. Yep, that’s a dog POV.

Standing On The Outside Looking In by Ms_soma – PG13 - The journey of Jared and Jensen, through the eyes of an outsider during their last two years of filming.


Captive Hearts by Annie46 – NC17 - Jensen is a fop on his way to England in search of a wife; he is captured by pirates and brought by one of the crew. Expect rum, various actor types as pirates, historical inaccuracies, lots of parrots and a fair amount of angst. - Pirate!Jared

Porn and/or Hustling

- Porn Industry

Relax, it's Just Sex by Enoughoflove – NC17 - is an amateur porn website specializing in the "gay education" of straight college guys. Jared's best friend Chad talks him into doing a couple solo videos to help pay his college tuition. What's a little gay porn in the grand scheme of things? And then Jared meets Jensen and everything changes.

When Work Is a Pleasure by Salixbabylon – NC17 - Jared is a shy young reporter; Jensen is a porn star. A weekend at the Folsom Street Fair brings Jared out of his shell.

- Hooker

Do I Seem Bulletproof to You? by Fleshflutter – NC17 - When he can't find any acting work, Jared takes a job as driver and bodyguard to Jensen, who is an extremely expensive prostitute with a bad habit of attracting crazy people.


Mea Culpa by Imogen_lily (Imogen) – R/NC17 – WIP - Abuse wreaks everyone's lives. Who picks up the pieces? Abused!Jared


What You See On The Outside Isn't Always What You'll Find Within by Arabia764 – NC17 - It’s a world like this one, only not quite, and Jensen has a proposition to put to a guy he’s only just met. One who just happens to be called Jared.

Only After Disaster Can we be Resurrected by Chase_Acow – NC17 - Jared's life gets turned upside down when he rescues and befriends a man from a seedy underground fighting ring. Friendship turns to lust, turns to, well, he's not quite sure, but he does know that Jensen has become the most important thing in his recently upturned life. (Featuring: Tom Welling, Mike Rosenbaum, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Samantha Ferris, Chad Michael Murray, and Christian Kane.)

Vampires and/or Werewolves

Blood Bond by J2daily - NC17 - Jensen's a werewolf helping a pack member find his mate at a college... he runs into Jared... - College Student!Jared, Chad/OMC

The Vampire Veil by Slashboyz - NC17 - Jared, ancient vampire lord, lives in exile within an invisible barrier called The Veil. But the sacred promise which created The Veil has been broken, and created a deadly tear. If the Veil should fall, chaos will reign. Jared must return to a mortal world he no longer recognizes, for mankind was mysteriously gifted with the ability to use magic, and history as we know it never occurred. Jared must find the mortal who can save both their worlds – a good man untouched by magic and lust. His name is Jensen, and Jared must convince him to fight by a vampire’s side before time runs out. But Jared had not counted on facing obstacles like friends and love...

Work Force

- Actors, No SPN

Any Road Will Get You There (how Jared and Jensen didn't meet) by _doodle – R -Jared and Jensen have shared the same friends for almost three years and somehow they've never managed to meet. With Jensen working in Vancouver and Jared working in L.A. the timing's always been wrong and the distance too great. Chris Kane firmly believes they'd be perfect for each other and between him and yet another missed meeting the curiosity becomes too much to stand. Through text messages, e-mails and instant messenger they start to bridge the distance between them. As their new found friendship develops into something more, past hurts threaten to repeat themselves. Can they make a long distance relationship work, even though they've never met?

- Actor!Jensen, Kidnapper!Jared

That Stockholm Thing by Dijisun – NC17 - Jensen gets kidnapped.

- Actor!Jensen, Singer!Jared

Let it Out by Quasianpride - R - Teenage rock star Jared Padalecki makes a wager on national television that he can get actor Jensen Ackles to make out with him on camera. But when they actually meet, Jared finds himself wanting more than that. A 15 year age difference, rock-star lifestyle, and long distance relationship aren't going to get in his way.

- Artist!Jeff, Cafe workers!JaredandJensen, Abused!Jensen - J3

Learning to Fly by Slashboyz - NC17 - Jensen and his controlling uncle move to a new town. Jensen’s life is miserable and he yearns to break free, which seems impossible. Then he meets a wild and care-free kid, and the older man next door, both more than willing to show Jensen exactly what’s possible...
Part 1-living in chains

- Book Store

Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover by Indigo_blind – R - A tale of one man who owns a family run book store and another who owns a huge corporate rival that's just opened around the corner and how they fell in love in unusual circumstances. - based on: You've Got Mail

- Bounty Hunter

The Hunter and His Prey by Cas_desespere – NC17 - Jeff is Jared's abusive husband. When Jared escapes him, Jeff sends Jensen, a bounty hunter, after Jared. Only Jensen finds Jared a little too irresistible and without telling Jared of his contract with Jeff, starts a slow tentative relationship with him. Jeff comes after both of them

- Businessman!Jensen, Lawyer!Jared

And baby, you've got what it takes by envious_ema - R - Jensen Ackles needs a new chief counsel and Jared Padalecki is it, Jared needs to save the S&W and for that if he had to work for a shallow, vain and greedy Ackles he was willing to make that sacrifice!

- Call Center

A Move to The Other Side By Nola_rue – R - Jared works at a call center with his asshole friend, Chad. Ally and Kristen make his boring days at work a little bit more bearable. One day he gets a call from a man named Jensen. And it really all begins there.

- Dork!Jensen

Your Brains Are No Match For My Tractorbeam by Chash – NC17 - AU, based on The Big Bang Theory. Jensen is a socially awkward but happy theoretical physicist, Jared is an aspiring actor, and everyone sucks at relationships pretty damn hard.

- Fireman and Emergency Services

Light My Fire by Agt_spooky – NC17 - In New York, two men meet under unusual circumstances, and find themselves falling for each other. But when Jensen Ackles learns who Jared Padalecki really is, it all comes crashing down. Can Jared convince Jensen to open up his heart and take a chance on love again, despite who Jared is?
Sequel: Playing With Fire NC17 - It’s five months later and Jensen is nearly a full-fledged paramedic. But becoming a medic means no longer being able to work with Jared at Station 127 and giving up his chance at a promotion to Lieutenant. As graduation looms, will Jensen change his mind? Then add in a young man Jensen rescues from a fire that becomes an obsessed stalker, and Jared’s altercation with a victim’s husband that threatens his career, and things turn explosive at the FDNY.

- Horse trainer!Jensen, Billionare!Jared, Artist/horse trainer!Jeff

Eventing AU by Pekover - NC17 - Jensen Ackles is a horse trainer in an eventing barn. When Jared Padalecki's little sister decides that she'd like an eventing horse, fate brings the Padaleckis (and their trainer, Jeff Morgan) into Jensen's life. Will he ever be able to get them out? Will he want to?

- MTV VJ!Jared, journalist!Jensen

All That's Left to Chart by Ignited – NC17 - Jared is a hot shot MTV VJ, easygoing and affable. Jensen is a brilliant science journalist, geeky and introverted. They’re a perfect case of opposites attracting, but when they’re unable to compromise and save their relationship, the natural forces of the universe decide to intervene. They wake up in each other’s bodies in order to get a taste of their very different lives—if they don’t drive each other crazy first.

- Online

Real Person Fiction by Phaballa - Jensen and Jared are popslashers.

- Priest!Jensen

Have You Seen Him Whom My Soul Loves by Veronamay – NC17 - Matthew 26:41—"Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak."

- Realtor!Jared

How to sell a guy a house in six weeks by Dijisun – NC17 - Jared's a realtor and Jensen's a house hunter.

- Singer!Jensen

Changes by Magser – NC17 - Jensen is a multi million album selling singer, Known worldwide, when he decides to take off on an impulse to try and escape for a while he finds more than the escape he was looking for.

- Teachers

The Learning Curve at Wakefield High by Aynslee – NC17 - When Jared accepts the job at Wakefield High, he expects the usual problems: lazy students, meddlesome parents, and an air conditioner that barely functions in the Texas heat. But he doesn’t expect his biggest problem, which comes in the form of his new boss — Principal Jensen Ackles.

I apologize for any errors, please feel free to correct them in a comment.

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