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Surevesta's LJ Fanfiction

Disclaimer: All series in bold belong to their respective owners (Eric Kripke, James Cameron, WB, CW, Fox, NBC, etc) I am just playing for fun in their sand boxes. No profit is being made from these stories.

Ratings: All Fanfics are PG unless specified next to the fic.

Alias: These may be posted on under the name Falcon-Rider. Any other posting of these have been done without permission. Please contact me if you wish to use/adapt a plot or continue a story below.

There are two types of fics here. Ramble fics and normal fics. Ramble fics are written in one setting with limited editing. Normal fics may be long or short but more time and effort has been placed in developing their plot and characters.


Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/Angel

The First Seconded - Master Post - Summary: Post Grave…. Spikes fought to give Buffy what she deserves and in doing so he gained a destiny. On his journey he makes some new friends, who are both chosen in their own way to help with the fight. WIP


Dissonance - Master Post - PG16 - J2 - WIP - The world of High School through the eyes of violist Jensen Ackles. Life is just notes on a page, waiting to be read and interpreted.

A Sketch in Time - Master Post - PG13 - J2 - Based on the movie ‘Kate and Leopold.’ Written for [ profile] whenboymeetsboy. “Time travel isn’t logical, it’s just possible” is a phrase that is about to embody the lives of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. A young aristocrat from New York in 1852 finds himself in the year 2005 where the world has changed drastically. He finds himself on a journey of self discovery as he discoveries just how much the world has changed in the past 150 years.

A Sketch in Time: Moving Pictures Summary: Ramble Fic #20 - Jensen and Jared's First Date. Time Stamp for A Sketch in Time.

Slip In - PG13 - Summary: Ramble Fic #17 - Baths are made for long hard days.

Stargate (SG1, SGA, and Universe)

UFO Watchers Rejoice! - Summary: Ramble Fic #9 - Area 51 go boom. Tourists gawk. SGA/SG1


Burns So Good - PG-15 - Summary: Ramble Fic #16 - Ruby and her one true love.

Eighteen - Summary: Ramble Fic #1 - Who was Dean Winchester? Without his Sam, in the hidden depths of his mind... what could he have done with his life? What did he hide?

Feeling It- Summary: Ramble Fic #24 - Dean's always felt.

Iridescence - Summary: Ramble Fic #18 - It had to be a dream, it couldn't not be.

July 29, 1979 - Summary: Ramble Fic #22 - On Dean's six month birthday Azazel stopped in...

Manipulation - Summary: Ramble Fic #7 - Sam's caught, some truths are revealed.

Mothers and Grandmas - Summary: Ramble Fic #23 - It's Mother's Day, Sammy asks Dean a question.

Who He is and Could Have Been - Summary: Ramble Fic #8 - Mary sees her son watching her during WIAWSNB

Supernatural/Dark Angel

Flawless - Master Post

Flawless - Summary: Ramble Fic #2 - Perfect Soldier, an introspection on how Dean|Alec's life was/would have been. Pre-second season DA, pre-series SPN.
Flawless 2 - Summary: Ramble Fic #3 - Continuation of Flawless, Dean|Alec thinking about his reasons and growing up post Freak Nation. The stars were his only permanent fixture.
Flawless 3 - Summary: Ramble Fic #4 - Continuation of Flawless, When duties collide what can Dean|Alec do?
Flawless 4 - Summary: Ramble Fic #5 - Continuation of Flawless, Dean|Alec has work to do, Mole comes to chat.
Flawless 5 - Summary: Ramble Fic #6 - Continuation of Flawless, Dean|Alec sacrifices a lot in his life. Sam's safety comes first.
Flawless 6 - Summary: Ramble Fic #10 - Continuation of Flawless, Dean|Alec isn't too interested in Transgenic females.
Flawless 7 - Summary: Ramble Fic #11 - Dean likes Max. Max hates Alec. Dean can't risk the truth.
Flawless 8 - Summary: Ramble Fic #12 – It’s Alec’s “Birthday.”
Flawless 9 - Summary: John tells Dean truths and Dean keeps his secrets.
Flawless 10 - Summary: Ramble Fic #13 - Dean|Alec doesn't have a unit, but he has a family.
Flawless 11 - Summary: Ramble Fic #14 - Dean's opinions and morals don't matter when Manticore gives orders.
Flawless 12 - Summary: Ramble Fic #15 - Dean hated working legally, he really did.
Flawless 13 - Summary: Ramble Fic #21 - Dean was 15 the first time his hand shook.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Rhyme and Reason: Brown Eyes - Summary: Failed Fanfic idea. Another resistance fighter and girl who would have been modern day Cameron.

Memories Can Lie - Summary: What does it mean to remember for a terminator? Can a machines memory be faulty? 2x04 reflection.

Tears - Summary: Ramble Fic #19 - And he'll mourn, the only way he knows how.

T:SCC/Knight Rider

Never SimpleSummary: The mission just got a whole lot more complicated.


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